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Need Mac driver for GeForce 8600M GT


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Hello kind readers and helpers,

My Macbook Pro had to have the logic board replaced (twice) because of a faulty Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT card.

Upon its return, the Nvidia Control Panel was missing from the System Preferences and I'm now limited to the

adjustments I can make to the screen. The Nvidia Control Panel used to be there before the board got replaced.

I really need access to more detailed adjustments as I edit photos and video on my laptop and the current

display setting adjustments available in system preferences are just not cutting it... I need my Nvidia Control Panel


Can anyone tell me how to achieve this? I went to the NVidia website to try to download the drivers, but they

have no support for laptops!! Ough, faulty graphics chips and no laptop support!! Really?!

Will installing the driver give me back the nvidia control panel for GPU setting adjustments?

If so, can you provide a driver download link and instructions on how to install in on Leopard 10.5.8 please!?

Please help me guys!!!

Thank you so much! =)

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Is this of any use ?

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