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Laptop Crash when HDMI Plugged-in


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Wondering if someone could help me out!

I have a 1-month old Samsung 400B laptop (400B5B-S02UK) which doesn't like doing anything that uses graphics acceleration.

Basically the Laptop uses Intel HD graphics along with a Nvidia NVS 4200M with Windows 7 64bit.

If I play light games the games often crash causing me to (ctrl+alt+del) or they bluescreen and the laptop re-boots.

The most frustrating is the HDMI output - I basically cannot use it! Whenever I plug in the laptop blue-screens and re-boots.

If I leave the HDMI plugged in whilst it re-boots - before it even gets to the Windows login it reboots again.

I have sent the laptop away for repair (took 3 weeks) only for them to say that the hardware is fine.

Its a pain at the minute as I do quite a few presentations, so im having to use D-SUB as opposed to HDMI.

I have tried downloading the latest Intel drivers, but when I go to install it says that I must use my manufacturer for the drivers, same with Nvidia. Is there anything I can do?

My current drivers are;

Nvidia NVS 4200M; 267.04

Intel HD;

Many thanks!

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Sorry to hear about all the trouble that you've been having!

A few questions: Are you overclocking? If so, please set it back to normal clock speeds and test it again. Has the system ever suffered a power surge/spike? Was it ever dropped? Does it work when connected to the power adapter? Have you updated the BIOS to the latest revision?

Do you have a spare hard drive you can pop in there for test purposes?

At this point, I suggest that you reinstall the OS from scratch and see if the issue is still present. Install only STOCK drivers from the Samsung's website (including video drivers) and test everything.

If it still continues to fail, then I suggest you call them back and demand that they replace, to the very least, your systemboard.

Let us know!

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I have the Samsung 400B in the UK, and have exactly the same problem. I have had the laptop just 2 days, and have installed nothing other than the latest Windows Updates, so it is clean. Mine only has the Intel HD Graphics, not the nVidia card. I thought I'd post here in case you had got yours sorted!

I plug an HDMI external screen in, and it does display, but it is a clone of the laptop screen. The second I choose to have it as an extended-desktop (whether via Windows control panel, or Intel's control panel), I get a STOP error blue screen and the laptop reboots. The same screen, connected with a VGA cable, works fine.

I have tried (without any success) installing updated Intel HD Graphics drivers - I just get a message that they have to be "manufacturer drivers". Samsung's drivers (on their support website) are quite out of date and many versions behind the latest Intel ones.

I've also noticed that the Samsung Easy Display Manager software will not work. If I click on it, I get the splash screen but that's it. Fn + F4 worked once (when I first plugged a VGA screen in), but now does not work at all.

I suspect this is either a bug in the driver, a bug in Samsung Easy Display Manager software, or a combination of both.

My previous Samsung laptop, a Q330, worked flawlessley.

Any help or notes if you got this issue with your 400B sorted gratefully received!

My current drivers are;

Intel HD-

Many thanks.

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