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All the best Steve Jobs


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Although I've not had much to do with anything Apple of late, I still have great respect for this man and what he's done.

For me if it wasn't for the Apple II at school, I would not be writing this now.

It started my computer craze and now look at me, I've not fallen for the Mac styling but can appreciate those that have.

Apple has done a lot for us all, often not obvious.

I hope he gets over his ailments and we can enjoy more of his great vision.

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I agree with all of that, Pieter. Even though I've never owned a mac, I've always appreciated Apple's design leadership. If it weren't for mac competition, Windows would be much less than it is today. And while good competitors abound, nobody touches apple on consumer devices.

The man deserves credit and I wish him the best.

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Apple and all apple devices are seriously overrated, and Steve Jobs was just a mean controlfreak with an RDF transmitter. If only Steve Wozniak were in control instead...

EDIT: The Apple II, by the way, was designed almost singlehandedly by Wozniak. In my opinion, it was the last good Apple computer ever produced.

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Like quite a few good companies, the best brains behind the start were the first to go.

Microsoft is another example, and to a lesser extent even Facebook

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