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Identity Crisis with Atheros chipset


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I was given a Atheros wireless card. It has AR5BXB72 written on it. I assume from all the reading I've done that it is a AR5008 but I'm not sure. It's serial number is: 6287T037471A. It also says Askey Computer Corporation and Toshiba Corporation. I live in a remote part of Mexico so I'm lucky to have the Atheros card to replace my faulty one. I see that there are a lot of variations of AR5008. Can anyone help me pin down which I have from the info I supplied. The internet down here isn't fast so I just need this to access wirelessly, nothing fancy. Can anyone recommend a basic download for the driver and what ever else I'll need to get it installed. My operating system is XP PRO with SP3. I'm really happy to have found this site. I read a lot of confusing information before I stumbled on this forum. Any and All information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I was browsing through system summary/loaded modules and came across a lot of files for antheros. They were all version and were downloaded 6/4/2011. I had my computer being worked on at that time but nothing was said about installing atheros drivers. Does this mean another chip was used in my computer during this time? The current chip is intel. I looked up atheros drivers and there is an for xp. Will this work with my chipset and also how do I access the driver?

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