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AMD Catalyst™ 12.1a preview driver


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The AMD Catalyst™ 12.1a Preview driver includes all of the features found in AMD Catalyst™ 12.1 Preview.

Additional changes for upcoming update of Rage

    • Resolves some new texture corruption issues introduced by the latest version of the game
    • Improved performance ~5%
    • Smoother game play and reduces multicore sync points
    • Fixed mapbuffer failures when switching maps on 32-bit systems.
    • Fixed a game crash when switching maps back and forth on 32 and 64bit systems


Download and install the Driver from the following location:

AMD Catalyst 12.1a Preview driver for Windows® vista & Windows® 7

AMD Catalyst 12.1a Preview driver for Windows® XP

Applicable Products:

This article applies to the following configuration(s):


AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series

AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series

Operating Systems:

Windows® 7 32-bit Edition

Windows® 7 64-bit Edition

Windows® XP 32-bit Edition

Windows Vista 32-bit Edition

Windows Vista 64-bit edition

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ur driver is not working good..it goes black when i switch from ATI to Intel...please solve this problem....and ur previous driver 11.2 is have problem too...sometime when i play game it show grey screen and crash show a blue screen....i use alienware m17xR3 w/t AMD RADEON HD 6870M....please solve this problem...thank u

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Guest Hammerfest

This is nice and all... but I would seriously kill for a good 10.2 modified/enhanced driver... the last to support legacy gpu's...

I myself work on many a PC where the owner can afford the MEM/HDD upgrade (speaking laptop here) and could even run Win7 if it werent for the total lack of any good modified/enhanced driver package (based on 10.2) for them...

I am typing from one of them right now... Mobility Xpress 200... Its got 2GB of mem and a 7200RPM HDD... but since not a single decent legacy driver for win7... well... catch my drift?

Thanks either way, nice to see this done to AMD/ATI drivers finally

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