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LaptopVideo2go turns 8 today


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8 years ago today laptopvideo2go.com was started.

The beginning was very rustic, just the website I had bought over from my ISP's free hosting.

I shame on me still used frames and got a good amount of flack for doing so :)

A good example of what we used to look like can found over here, earliest working example from 2005

We were hosted by a NZ company they are long gone now as we quickly out grew what they could offer

Teraphy's nVision forums soon joined the fray and it's developed into what you see today over the years

It all began with a 250MB per month bandwidth account that we out grew very quickly.

We can now do that in a day.

A huge thanks to all those who over the years made LV2go what it is.

Without them the place would not be what it is today.

Any thoughts on what we can do better or should be doing or should not be doing reply back here.

Happy Birthday :laola:

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Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear website.... Hmmm, maybe I went to far. But anyway, congrats for keeping it alive for sooo long. It's a daily stop for me.

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Thanks for keeping this site strong. I had learned a lot about modding GPU and Audio driver INF's.

I visit here everyday.

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Happy birthday to laptopvideo2go :)

I have to say I've been following this site for quite some years, and apparently I started visiting shortly after the redesign, as the visual update dates more or less the time I got to know and visit laptopvideo2go. Still, I can't congratulate enough on how informative and helpful this site has been, and whenever I find something I can help with, I'm more than glad to do so.

Right now I don't have any suggestions, but I'd like to note that on the About page, the "Where in the world is the team from?" part isn't displaying the map.

Again, congratulations and here is hoping for many years of success still to come :)

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happy birthday LV2Go family

nice, useful works out there

keep going we need you


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