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NVidia driver 301.40 is available in the NVidia Developer downloads and now it is available here at laptopvideo2go. You need to register as a developer for the NSight Visual Studio in order to gain access to it on the NVidia site. It's not hard to do this and will be well worth your while. http://developer.nvi...veloper-program It comes in GeForce desktop, GeForce mobile, and Quadro/Tesla versions. Some quick testing shows the driver gives pleasing results in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with a GTX 680 card. This driver is from the same driver family (07) as the last unified driver 301.24. Driver details below:

Driver 301.10 is r300_68-51 DriverVer = 03/17/2012,

Driver 301.13 is r300_68-58 DriverVer = 03/22/2012,

Driver 301.24 is r301_07-12 DriverVer = 04/03/2012,

Driver 301.25 is r301_07-14 DriverVer = 04/04/2012,

Driver 301.27 is r300_00-111 DriverVer = 04/09/2012,

Driver 301.32 is r300_00-124 DriverVer = 04/17/2012,

Driver 301.33 is r301_07-24 DriverVer = 04/17/2012,

Driver 301.34 is r301_07-38 DriverVer = 04/27/2012,

Driver 301.40 is r301_07-60 DriverVer = 05/09/2012,

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