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NVidia WHQL driver 301.42 is out at NVidia downloads. This driver is from the same driver family 07 as the last unified driver 301.24 that NVidia released.

Driver 301.24 is r301_07-12 DriverVer = 04/03/2012,

Driver 301.27 is r300_00-111 DriverVer = 04/09/2012,

Driver 301.32 is r300_00-124 DriverVer = 04/17/2012,

Driver 301.33 is r301_07-24 DriverVer = 04/17/2012,

Driver 301.34 is r301_07-38 DriverVer = 04/27/2012,

Driver 302.59 is r302_cuda-20 DriverVer = 05/04/2012,

Driver 301.40 is r301_07-60 DriverVer = 05/09/2012,

Driver 301.42 is r301_07-67 DriverVer = 05/15/2012,

Fixed Single-GPU Issues in this driver:

? [3DTV Play]: Add support for the following displays:

• Samsung UE46ES8000 3DTV

• Samsung UE40ES6530 3DTV

• Samsung UE40ES6710 3DTV

• Samsung UN40ES6500F 3DTV

• Sharp LC?70C7450U 3DTV

• Mitsubishi HC7800D Projector

? When setting a custom resolution on the secondary Dualview (extended mode) display, the display goes blank. [915624]

? [GeForce 600 series] [NVIDIA Control Panel: The NVIDIA Control Panel incorrectly reports DirectX support as DirectX 11.0 instead of DirectX 11.1 [959041]

? [GeForce 600 series] [World of Tank]: Red?screen crash occurs when playing the game. [970269]

? [GeForce 600 series] [Dragon Age 2]: Dragon Age 2 shadows randomly become corrupted as you move characters around. [978455]

? [GeForce 600 series] [Formula 1 2012]: The bottom edge of the screen eventually turns completely black. [978406]

? [GeForce 600 series] [ASUS VE278Q]: Upon bootup, the DisplayPort display resolution is set to 1680x1050 instead of its native 1920x1080. [967158]

? [GeForce 600 series] [bully: Scholarship Edition]: The main game character is drawn incorrectly.[964628]

? [GeForce 500 series] [Mass Effect]: Antialiasing turns off for some objects at various positions. [956500]

? [GeForce 500 series] [NEC PA241W]: The NEC MultiProfiler Calibration software is unable to communicate with the monitor. [945251]

? [GeForce 400/400M series] [HDMI displays]: Changes made to the NVIDIA Control Panel?>Adjust Desktop Color Settings?>Content type (ITC) reported to the display setting are not preserved across system reboots or suspend/resume cycles. [966131]

? [GeForce 400 series]: There is no picture when using LAV DirectShow Filters on MPCHC for MPEG4 video playback. [952108]

Release 300 Graphics Drivers for Windows - Version 301.42 RN-W30142-01v01 | 12 Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 301.42

? [GeForce 200 series][3D Vision]: The stereoscopic 3D image capture function (via hot keys) does not work. [955400]

Fixed Multi-GPU Issues in this driver:

? [3D Surround] With four displays connected, the displays used for Surround may not match what the Wizard depicts. [816579]

? [3D Surround, SLI] [GeForce GTX 500 series] [batman:Arkham City]: There is heavy flickering in the cut?scenes with 3D Surround enabled. [916431]

? [surround] [GeForce 600 series]: The Confine taskbar feature fails when the accessory display is set as the primary display. [948856]

? [sLI] [GeForce 600 series]: When shutting down the system with SLI enabled, the driver hangs and requires the system to be shut off using the power switch.

? [sLI] [GeForce 600 series][3D Surround]: The Windows taskbar appears on top of games when viewed in windowed full?screen mode. [964239]

? [sLI] [GeForce 500 series][3D Vision] [ASUS VG278H]: The 3D monitor does not return to 2D mode when exiting a stereoscopic 3D video or game. [952503]

? [2?way/3?way/4?way SLI] [GeForce 500 series] [Dirt 3]: Stuttering occurs in the menus and loading screens, and occasionally during a race. [834048]

? [sLI] [GeForce 500/200 series][3DTV Play]: Black bars appear in the lower right portion of the screen of alternate frames in 3DTV Play for 720p @ 60 Hz. [965463]

? [3?way/4?way SLI] [GeForce 600/500 Series]: Certain custom resolutions result in ‘Display Driver Not Responding’ errors when running DirectX 11 games. [970009]

? [sLI] [GeForce 500/400 series]: With SLI enabled, the motherboard remains powered on even after shutting down Windows. [846510]

? [sLI] [GeForce 400 series]: If SLI is enabled immediately after installing the driver, there is screen corruption upon system boot up. If SLI is not enabled, then there is no option to enable SLI after the system boots up. [934524]

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Hopefully this Driver Version supports the GTX 670M on Windwos 8 64bit..

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First 300 release driver that actually works without issues and missing features on my GT 555M.

While it's unfortunate that Nvidia decided to hide the Frame Target option from its control panel, going around and enabling it does provide for intended effects, which are most welcome to eliminate some UI issues on certain 3D apps.

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Any idea when the modded INF for this is going to be release?

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Any idea when the modded INF for this is going to be release?

What is your display information that needs to be added? Which version of the inf file worked for you before?

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