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We're back online after a server meltdowm


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It's good to be back, after the server had a major meltdown.

Not sure what happened but it did a proper job of it.

All looks to be back to normal now.

Right I'd better catch up with new driver.

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I did notice the site was down, but didn't think it was so serious.

Glad to hear everything is now working again.

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We were completely gone, out of our hands gone, even took Datacenter guys all night to fix.

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Sth. is still screwed. New files appear neither in the forum nor from the driver menu.

Missing Page/File

The LaptopVideo2Go team apologizes as this page/file appears to be missing from the server.

Error: The requested address '/infs/305series/30638_win8x64/nv_disp.inf' was not found on this server.

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Having some issues at the moment my self too.

I'm re-uploading the files, the server truncated the uploads for some reason.

And of course this happens right when I'm as busy as a rat in a cake shop.

The last of the files should be uploaded this morning.

I'll then make the forum posts tonight after work (if I ever finish, gone crazy)

The driver database has the links but are not all working yet till the above is done.

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Still no working links to the INFs.

I'll keep trying back, you guys do great work, very much appreciated. :clapper:


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