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For those of you that keep asking about my ongoing work on various LCD controller solutions. When I have some news to share I will share it.

I am readying a website where I will be able to sell my kits, but it is still a work in progress.

Right now I am still working on a personal triple display project (5760x1200 24 bit color portable triple LCD kit). I am placing an order for a cable with a (new to me) company for some cables. Cables are the hardest part of these projects for me, since I can't build them myself and I have to order them from asia somewhere. This new company should be able to provide some nice cables, and I see that they also sell display port cables as well. This would be the "missing ingredient" that I need to make the display port adapters sellable products. (display port cables are harder to "get right" than LVDS)

On the topic of the display port monitors. The one I want to work on right now is the 15.4" LG/Samsung 2880x1800 panels. (assuming these are display port)

I still do not have any new information on these panels. I will attempt to contact LG and Samsung again.

I will let you guys know here if I ever manage to get some info.

If this doesn't work someone will need to reverse engineer the pinout. Someone would need to get their hands on a complete laptop to do this, to measure the signals while it is running.

We would also need to figure out what kind of connector to use on a mating cable.

I could go back and sell kits for the AUO display port LCDS, but they are very expensive and I have found smaller/higher resolution panels that I am more interested in selling. For example there is a 8.9" WUXGA. (probably used in that new Kindle) The smallest HD AUO eDP is the 13.1" and it is only 1080p. An 8.9" kit would probably be half the price of the AUO kit, since AUO charges $300" for those panels.

Another project I have been looking at is the Ortustech 5" 1080p display. These are LVDS panels and would be compatible with $35 LCd controllers that I have sitting in front of me. (plug and play and only need 5V power) Unfortunately the asking price for prototypes is $6,000 as they aren't in production. I probably will be able to sell kits for these in the future, but not right now.

I am going to look into the Sharp 4.8" 1080p that just went into production. It should be much cheaper. I will let you guys know when I get an update on this. I have a solution in mind for driving these displays if they are MIPI. (HDMI to MIPI chip)

These smaller ones might be good for projectors or 3D visor googles so you can "go full NERD".

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