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Modded Atheros WIFI driver settings


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Hello All,

I have an Asus n53sv with an Athero AR9002WB-1NG wifi card.

I have read on other forums that other people are getting, on this card, 72mbps, 120 mbps or more. However, I can only get this card the maximum speed of 62mbps. I have a couple of friends testing out on the same router and confirmed that the router settings are not the issues because their wireless card can connect at a much faster speed than mine.

I recently installed the latest version of the modded atheros driver ( and noticed that under the advanced tap there are a lot more settings. However, even with the modded driver my card is still getting 62mbps. I was wondering if my speed can be faster with the right settings and am seeking advice for the optimal settings for the modded driver to achiev maximum speed.

Any advices or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much for taking the time to help me out as I had been trying to find a solution to my problem on the internet for an extremely long time! Thank you again!

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