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ATI mobility HD4570 or Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT?


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I have a old Fujitsu siemens amilo PI 1526 here and want to replace the old X1400 stock mxm graphics card.. Because its slow and dead...


I doubt to get a mobility hd 4570 or a nvidia geforce 9600m GT..


I know that the 9600mGT is a lot faster, but using 23 watts of power.

I dont know what the design thermal specifications are for this fujitsu siemens amilo pi 1536, but i know this notebook could run very hot and having some problems with the cooling.


I dont want to run decent games on it ( because the notebook is already a few years old, and probably it should better to buy a new notebook for it.


Most i like that the notebook wont running to hot.. so then i got the mobility HD4570 in mind, because it should cope with 12-15 watts power / heat. I dont like to choose the ATI mobility HD 3650 because its already using 30watt and if i read more on the internet, the people saying that a hot grapics card. ( and i think thats hard for the notebook to cooling 30watts of power)


On this forum one french guy mentioned that the nvidia arent running very hot.. Only problems when booting up the notebook.. He only mentioned that he was using a notebook pad cooler..


So i want to know how hot the laptop will be without the notebook pad cooler.


And is it possible to use the external DVI output thats sitting on the motherboard sticking out of the right side of the case. Or does the external DVI poort only work with ATI based MXM boards?

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Both Ati Mobility 3650 and the Nvidia 9600M GT can easily be handled by the cooling system of the Pi 1536.

Don't get hung up on the TDPs values here.

The reason for many X1400 and 7600 go failing was poor solder and bad-quality thermal pads.
So, if you are going to replace your video card with something faster, you also 

want to throw out the crappy blue thermal pad, and replace it with an adequately-sized copper shim

with proper thermal grease on both sides. I have a Quadro 770M in my 1556, and when browsing

ACPI temps are always below 60°C, so no fan at all. Stressing the laptop with both Coredamage and Furmark

would push ACPI to 65° maybe with fanspeed 2 and GPU to 80 something if at all, so plenty of headroom there.

Also the 3650 will run significantly cooler than the older X1400, let alone the hothead 7600 go.

DVI output is a little problem though, as it seems to stop working with any newer replacement card, be it Ati or Nvidia.

VGA through DVI out via adapter though works, don't ask me why, I don't even have a DVI device, so I could be wrong.

Nevertheless, if yu want an Ati 3650, make sure you get one with a Bios eeprom, one without won't work.

9600M GT needs a little Biosmod to adjust the clocks and to get rid of the dreaded MXM error, but that's no witchcraft either:


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