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How to change Atheros AR5007EG into Wide Channel 40MHz

James Black

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Sorry could not delete my original topic and pushed the wrong button and then could not add attachments or edit the topic heading after the fact so I had to make a new topic. Don't know if this is the right place to post but no one answer my last post so I am trying here this time. Thanks


But I need help. I can not get my Atheros AR5007EG to switch into 40Mhz Wide channel mode... Please see attached graphic files. I used the mod found here, specifically WLAN_Atheros Mod 1.29, it said it should work for my card, installed to AR5006 as shown in png files. Alas no options were given to change my channel width so I had to hack the .inf file so it installed the option "Wireless Mode" found under the [20-40mhz] section I did this by changing EVER addreg line to include this eg:


AddReg          = atheros_os61.reg,11n.reg, 20-40mhz

AddReg          = atheros_os61.reg,11n.reg, 20-40mhz

AddReg          = atheros_os60.reg,11n.reg, 20-40mhz

AddReg          = atheros_os60.reg,11n.reg, 20-40mhz


BTW it worked once, then never again. I used inSSIDer 3 to verify this.

Can anyone tell me how to force my wifi into wide channel???



Spent hours and hours trying to get it to works,

Any help much appreciated.



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