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Robbo the Second

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Hi All,


After some advice & opinions, based on your theory or experience of overclocking the refresh rate on LCD panels (specifically my M17xR3 laptop).


I recently found out it's possible to overclock the refresh rate of your display by creating a custom resolution in the NVidia Control Panel.  The maximum stable overclock is 79Hz on my panel, up from 60Hz stock, so I've dropped it to 75Hz for an everyday overclock.  Note:  you can only overclock your lcd panel if you're not using Optimus; I have Optimus disabled because I had to disable it in order to install a GTX 670MX.


I have noticed that fps gaming is smoother now at 75Hz (obviously when my machine can push at least 75fps in games).  For this reason, I don't think it's dropping frames which can occur sometimes with overclocking panels.


Now, do you guys know or have experience that it might damage my panel or shorten it's life by overclocking it to 75Hz?


Thanks in advance for any experiences or theories you might post,

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Haha, I'm replying to my own thread!  I've done a bit more research on this, on forums & some articles written by tech reviewers, and it seems that its very unlikely that lcd panel overclocking (overclocking your refresh rate beyond the stock 60Hz) will cause any damage.  So, I'm going to leave my panel overclockedl at 75Hz for 24/7.  If I reply back here again, I hope it's not going to be saying - 'Oh dear, I broke my monitor!'.  No, I'm pretty sure it will be fine!

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