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Hi, Chris here. I'm a happy nVIDIA user and technology lover.


As I'm sure you have too, I've come up with technology and hardware ideas that I and those around me thought were truly great, but I struggled with getting my ideas 'out there' and through gaming and computer companies' doors. It's a minefield! There are so many legal roadblocks that make those companies 'scared' of the very thing they should embrace – the brilliant ideas of everyday Edisons like you and me.


I decided to do something about it, so here in LA me and a small team are in the early stages of creating a portal called Bideas - 'Where big companies bid on big ideas'. You could think of it as a sort of private 'eBay for ideas', in any sector, not just tech. Just like eBay revolutionized the second hand market, and largely took down antiques shops, I want Bideas to revolutionize the way our innovations are tapped into, and take down the antique patent system founded in 16th century Greece – one that's come under a lot of criticism of late. It can't keep up with modern technologies, but that's exactly what the Internet can do.


I'd love you to take a look. I'm sure it raises a lot of questions, and so in anticipation I've prepared an FAQ at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bideas-com-where-big-companies-bid-on-big-ideas/x/5900221#faq


I'm building it for those like us, because I'd want to use it, but there was nothing out there like it. If it's a system you'd like to use too, let's make it happen. I appreciate all questions (and of course any support).


From one gamer and tech lover to another, keep thinking, and never stop innovating. I truly hope to make an outlet for it all soon.




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