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NVIDIA CUDA 6 SDK production release


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5 Powerful New Features in CUDA 6

"Today I’m excited to announce the release of CUDA 6, a new version of the CUDA Toolkit that includes some of the most significant new functionality in the history of CUDA. In this brief post I will share with you the most important new features in CUDA 6 and tell you where to get more information. You may also want to watch the recording of my talk “CUDA 6 and Beyond” from last month’s GPU Technology Conference, embedded below.

Without further ado, if you are ready to download the CUDA Toolkit version 6.0 now, by all means, go get it on CUDA Zone. The five most important new features of CUDA 6 are

    support for Unified Memory;

    CUDA on Tegra K1 mobile/embedded system-on-a-chip;

    XT and Drop-In library interfaces;

    remote development in NSight Eclipse Edition;

    many improvements to the CUDA developer tools."



Comes with dev drivers 332.88

No word on other changes from 6.026 RC to 6.037 final.


Maxwell Compatibility Guide and Maxwell Tuning Guide can now be read w/o registration.

Most interesting for common users might be the environment variable CUDA_FORCE_PTX_JIT=1



I tried the unified memory sample, but WTF?



GPU Device 0: "GeForce GTX 750 Ti" with compute capability 5.0

Unified Memory not supported on this device
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