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Toshiba 5105-S501: What is the newest driver?

Guest astern

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Hey guys, this forum should be world famous by now :)

okay, BIG question...

What is the NEWEST det. or forceware to work with the Geforce 440 go @ 1400 x 1050 resolution?

Currently the only thing that works for me w/o the "black bar" problem is the original ship release 28.46!!!!!! <_<

I was going throught the forum and found that this laptop (15V) does not support newer things. Apparently Craig has the same model as myself.

Any ideas?


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Guest Brian Jackowski

I've actually had success with the 52.16 release, and a INF I snagged from somewhere I can't remember. If anyone wants it, I can email it.

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that's nice news. If you attach the inf (from Pieter or Teraphy?), we would know which version it is and we would be able to tell other 440 user that both 45.91 and 52.16 work with it.

thanks for the information.

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Hi everybody First of all I don't know too much about spec in nvidia chips but what I'm sure it's that I have a toshiba 5205 with a geforce4 460 go even with only 32 mb but I got almost 270 in 3dmark03 and 5840 with 3dmark2001, and just because I change my driver by mistake for one of a 5205 machine that has the geforcefx 5600go. That is the detonator 43.36 from Toshiba and it works perfect for me even It fixed some audio and texture problems for some games and 3d applications.

In my opinion as this driver was made form the same laptop just with other display card that's why this work even better than 5x.xx forceware.

Finally I always think that it'll be better just to use laptop drivers because at the end we only gain few points in 3dmark I don't thing that this will help a lot. Even we can damage the hardware. And remember that laptops are not as powerful as desktop, so if we can play some videogames with them we must be satisfied and do not try to overclock more.

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Just i want to say that I don't use any modded inf with 43.36, I just install it as the geforcefx 5600go by the disk method even if it is not my real card. And what I like its that I can keep the WHQL for windows.

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Guest astern

Thanks for the tips. I acquired 45.91 (from some obscure Russian driver page), added the correct INF (from Google cache), and it worked!!!

XP/2000/NT Instructions


1. Remove display adapter from system


3. Run NFR, 22/25 files will be deleted

4. Restart

5. Let driver install fail (make sure directory where any previous installations occured from is renamed or deleted)

6. Run NFR to remove the three remaining files

7. Go to HW control panel and add the device driver from appropriate location (making sure to NOT autodetect and choose file location)

8. Let driver install, ignore WHQL warnings.

9. Reinstall power/battery monitoring applet (otherwise laptop will lose all powersaving features i.e. hibernation, sleep, etc...)

10. Make sure to change ALL power properties (full power, long lasting, dvd mode)

11. ###### your pants 'cause you're so dang happy this actually works and you can now play UT2004 without visual artifacts/problems!!!

I will make an archive of the 45.91 drivers and correct INF and post it to my website within the next few days.



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Guest Brian Jackowski

I don't frequent this board much, so it took me awhile to notice anyone responded.

I've got a Toshiba 5105-S501 with the problematic 1400x1050 LCD mentioned in the first post. But I have good luck with 52.16, and a .INF modified by Pieter. No right side black bar issue, and TV out works great.

I see no tangible benefit from moving to the 5x.xx series as opposed to the 4x.xx series, but newer is always better right? :)



that's the 9.4 inf from Pieter. old but still good. same with the one i use: 11.64 with 52.16


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