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I've been trying for a few days to update the video drivers on my new Sony Vaio to the Nvidia Drivers but I can't get it to work.

I have a Sony all in one, VPCJ118FX/W computer but in order to get rid of all the preloaded Sony software that the computer came with, I installed a Clean Version of Windows 7 Professional 64bits. Since then Windows installed a Standard VGA Graphic Adapter and a Generic non-PnP Monitor.

I know that this computer comes with an NVIDIA GeForce 310M Video Card

I tried several times to install the latest driver from Nvidia site, but as soon as it starts it says that it couldn't find any compatible hardware. They told me that this is because I should not be downloading it from Nvidia site, but that I should download from the Sony site, the drivers that they have put together for this computer and the Nvidia Card.

I also tried doing that, downloading the drivers from the sony support site, but it doesn't install either it just get frozen (non-responding). Talked to sony and they mentioned that it might be because the files that they have were put together for Windows 7 Home Premium, and I installed Windows 7 Professional and that might be the reason why they do not install. 

Talked to Microsoft technical support for hours but they were not able to figure out a way to get this resolved. The problem is that the Standard VGA Graphic adapter is very limited in its functionality. Lots of video applications don't run (Movie Maker) or run limitted (Premier). I can not even run Windows Aero on the computer!!! 

Any help on how I can install the Nvidia driver for the GeForce 310M and get rid of the Standard VGA driver would be MUCH appreciated!!!!

Here's more information regarding my computer:

Sony Vaio VPCJ118FX/W

Installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bits
Intel Core i7 @2.67GHz
Memory 6GB RAM
Video Card NVidia GeForce 310M

Thanks in advance!

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