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Need some serious mobile GPU help before college starts!


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I have a P150HM Gaming Laptop that I got through Digital Storm computers will a graphics card that burned out. I originally had the 6990m in my computer but this has gone bad and I desperately need a new graphics card since my computer is not very useful in its current state. I would prefer to upgrade the gpu slightly but I would be fine with getting the same card. I know how to install it but I just don't know how to get my hands on a card and primarily which cards would work with my computer. I've found this page on MXM-upgrade.com that lists an AMD 7970m for $380(US) which would be perfect. I would like to know if:

  • this is legit and price is correct 
  • this would work in my laptop 
  • this is the best move for me
  • there is another card that would work
  • mxm-upgrade is reliable
  • how big of an upgrade is the 7970m over 6990m
  • What Nvidia cards are in this same ballpark performance as the 7970m with reasonable prices?

Since buying the laptop, I have heard many forums say that the 6990m is not a reliable card and has a lifetime of about 3 +/- years. Is this the same for the 7970m or did AMD just screw up on the 6990m? I would really like for this card to last me at least 3 good years which doesn't just mean not dying but also to handle games at decent fps and quality for years to come.


This is the page where I found that 7970m: http://www.mxm-upgrade.com/Store_30.html    a bit more than halfway down the page. I currently play (or would like to be playing) demanding games like Battlefield 4 and assassins creed. For this reason I need a card that is equivalent or better than the 6990m.


Any and all responses are appreciated and if you need any more info about my laptop to figure out if things are compatible, just comment and I'll be watching this thread like a hawk (Keep in mind I'm on US Eastern TIme) Thank you for reading my rant but as you can tell this is important to me!!

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No idea if the upgrade should work - 7970 could be upto 50% faster. MXM-Upgrade has been out of business for a couple of years I think. Kris, the owner is now hosting http://www.ftrnf.com/

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OP here:

Thanks for the response, its pretty disheartening to here theyre out of business yet they still have their site up. To you or anyone else, would this be a good alternative?


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