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Geforce 340.62 for CUDA 6.5 Toolkit Production Release


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Available for Developers

DriverVer = 07/31/2014,


Drivers only extracted from Cuda Toolkit:

Windows 8.x/7 x64 Notebook

Windows 8.x/7 x32 Notebook

Windows XP Desktop and some Notebooks

Dramatically simplify parallel programming
*New* 64-bit ARM Support

  • Develop or recompile your applications to run on 64-bit ARM systems with NVIDIA GPUs
Unified Memory
  • Simplifies programming by enabling applications to access CPU and GPU memory without the need to manually copy data. Read more about unified memory.
Drop-in Libraries and cuFFT callbacks
  • Automatically accelerate applications’ BLAS and FFTW calculations by up to 8X by simply replacing the existing CPU libraries with the GPU-accelerated equivalents.
  • *New* Use cuFFT callbacks for higher performance custom processing on input or output data.
Multi-GPU scaling
  • cublasXT - a new BLAS GPU library that automatically scales performance across up to eight GPUs in a single node, delivering over nine teraflops of double precision performance per node, and supporting larger workloads than ever before (up to 512GB). The re-designed FFT GPU library scales up to 2 GPUs in a single node, allowing larger transform sizes and higher throughput.
*New* Improved Tools Support
  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.
  • Improved debugging for CUDA FORTRAN applications
  • Replay feature in Visual Profiler and nvprof
  • nvprune utiliy to optimize the size of object files
All developers can [/size]download the latest CUDA 6 Toolkit today.[/size]


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