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ASUS mobile GeForce driver 344.00


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This driver adds support for




Works fine with Pieter's INF 5.012



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Modded INF made driver also hosted here, all 289MB worth


Let us know how you get on with older GPU's if they are supported

This is first of NV's not supporting a whole heap of older GPUs

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I can't install this for use with my GTX 780 desktop card after booting up Win 8.1 in disable driver signature enforcement mode. I'm not sure what you did to make this work.


EDIT: Disregard. I got it now. Problem was, I downloaded the driver from here: http://laptopvideo2go.com/drivers

After I downloaded the driver as a zip file, from your link in your first post, which said "This driver", then unzipped it, then put in the modified inf file, all was fine.

EDIT 2: I still had to boot up Win 8.1 in disable driver signature enforcement mode.

This driver works fine in Call of Duty Ghosts. There is a new feature in this driver which can be seen with NVidia Inspector. It is called NVidia Quality Upscaling. When I used Inspector to set it to 0x00000001, the graphics in Ghosts started looking a whole lot better. NVidia has said that only certain video cards will be able to get the advantage of certain new features, so I'm not certain which video cards will be able to see the benefit of NVidia Quality Upscaling in CoD Ghosts.

Driver 344.00 is r343_00-200, DriverVer = 09/05/2014,

Driver 340.82 is OG340_52-6, DriverVer = 09/10/2014,

Driver 340.76 is OG340_52-5, DriverVer = 08/26/2014,

Driver 340.72 is r340_00-202, DriverVer = 08/13/2014,

Driver 340.69 is r340_00-198, DriverVer = 08/11/2014,

Driver 340.66 is r340_00-188, DriverVer = 08/04/2014,

Driver 340.65 is r340_52-3, DriverVer = 08/04/2014,

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ASUS has pulled driver

Luckily we have it in our database

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