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Will the Kiwis rule supreme on Oscar night ?


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An off topic subject.

But it's not everyday that the Kiwis have the chance to grab 16 Oscars in NZ made Films:

LOTR The Return of the King

Whale Rider

The last Samarai.

I know the Oscars are all Marketing hype but still, a proud moment.

Pieter. (from Middle Earth)

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11 oscars! LOTR deserved it. I'm sorry for Bill Murray, he was brilliant in Lost in Translation.

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Indeed! LOTR deserved every one of those awards and maybe a few more besides!

What a beautiful country you live in, Pieter!

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Well I don't want to gloat or boast,

But if you insist.

PJ did us prowd last night, 11 from 11 can't beat that.

I have a place about 10km from where the Pellenor Fields Battle scenes were filmed.

Attached is a piccy (2 stuck together) of the view out of the front of the house (when it's build).

Excuse the crap quality, It was the only small piccy I had.

Any who,

Enough banter,



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It wasn't too shocking LOTR was a hit -- all well deserved. I loved the comment by the lady who was happy to not have LOTR in the same category :)

That is some beautiful scenery, Pieter!

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