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Fast Sync - New NVidia Feature is a Game Changer


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There's a new feature built into the 368 drivers called Fast Sync. It's a new Sync technology, which is different than Gsync or Vsync. In the game it will seem like Vsync is off, and input latency is almost the same as it is when Vsync is off. There's no tearing because which rendered frames to send to the display are chosen by Fast Sync. The frontend of the render pipeline is decoupled from the backend display.


To try this out, install NVidia driver 368.25, which is currently only for a GTX 1080, unless a modified inf file is used, and you boot up in Disable Driver Signature Enforcement mode to install it.


Then open up NVidia Profile Inspector, which is an exe in the NVidia Inspector package.


Set Vsync to 0x18888888 and set Vertical Sync Tear Control to 0x00000000 in your game profile, and maybe also in the Global Driver Profile. In your game menu, have Vsync set to off.


I tried this in Call of Duty Black Ops 3. I turned off some of the graphics options in order to maintain a high fps, and lowered my usual display resolution from 1920x1080 down to 1600x900. My display has a default refresh rate of 60, and most of the time during the game my fps appeared to be syncing at 120 or 180. The amount of input lag was not much more than when Vsync is off.


Fast Sync is a game changer.


NVidia explains Fast Sync in this video: 

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I pushed it further, and set resolution to 1280x720.


In CoD BO3, since I could not maintain 240 fps all the time with my 60Hz display during the match, 

part of the time I was sync'd at 240 fps, 

part of the time I was sync'd at 180 fps, and 

part of the time I was sync'd at 120 fps.


I've corrected my 1st post of this thread to say to put Tear Control to 0x00000000 instead of Adaptive.

That turns off Tear Control.

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