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NVidia driver 375.63 is out at NVidia downloads.

Driver: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us

This is a hotfix driver to fix the various stability issues people have been reporting for the 375.57 drivers.The Windows issues of mail app and windows start items disappearing appear to be fixed. No additional release notes. This driver is said to be a Game Ready driver for the same games that the 375.57 driver was said to be a Game Ready driver for.

Driver 375.63 is r375_45-10, dated 10/21/2016
Driver 375.57 is r375_45-7, dated 10/18/2016
Driver 373.06 is r370_00-218, dated 10/01/2016
Driver 372.95 is r370_00-201, dated 9/22/2016
Driver 372.90 is r370_00-192, dated 9/16/2016

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These 375.63 drivers give a much better first impression and have better smoothness in Heaven Benchmark 4.0 DirectX 11 tests than did driver 375.57 in those same tests the other day.

This new driver performs very well with Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

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375.63 is the driver I need for my laptop graphics card. I just put in a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M card that is MSI specific make. I'm running Windows 7 professional on a Dell Precision m6600. Can someone help me get the INF for that?

Here are some spec links that may or may not help:


Graphics Card


Sidenote: I can't seem to navigate this forum well. Most of what I found was old or links to dead parts of the website. If someone can point me to more recent instructions on how to use the website and such that would be great. I have a very vague idea of how to use the INFs. Something about install the normal driver then install the modded INF over the top of it? I had read the FAQ but still quite confused.

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