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NVidia WHQL driver 376.33 is out at NVidia downloads. 
For desktop and mobile. For Win 10, Win 8, Win 7.
Release Notes:

Game Ready
Provides the optimal gaming experience for the latest new titles and updates.

This version adds several security improvements.

Application SLI Profiles
Added or updated the following SLI profiles:
• Titanfall 2 - disabled SLI

Software Module Versions
• NView - 148.03
• HD Audio Driver -
• NVIDIA PhysX System Software - 9.16.0318
• GeForce Experience - 3.2 (
• CUDA - 8.0 

Application SLI Profiles
Release 375 added or updated the following SLI profiles:
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - disabled SLI
• Dishonored 2 - added SLI profile
• Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance - added SLI profile
• Watch Dogs 2 - updated SLI profile

Windows 10 Fixed Issues
 Install the Display Container via co-installer. [200228206]
 [375.86, GP104] Corruption in YouTube video playback when two or more videos are
playing at the same time in Chrome. [1843100]
 Clean up the escape calls that use physical addresses. [1626231]

Windows 10 Open Issues
 Dead Rising 4 crashes if it is launched with a LOW or MEDIUM graphics preset.
 [GM204, Tom Clancy's The Division Survival DLC] Game crashes pointing to
ntdll.dll when changed to full-screen and to windowed full-screen. [200252894]
 [GM204, ShadowPlay] For Honor silently crashes if intro video is skipped and instant
replay is on. [200247313]
 [SLI] [GeForce GTX 970M] Level loading hangs in Gears of War 4. [1826307]
 [367.77, WDDM 2.1] Driver install/overinstall requires reboot. [1757931]
 [SLI, GP104] Installer prompts for reboot during express overinstall of 372.69 driver
on 372.54. [200231806]
 [GM204] Quantum Break window either remains blank or freezes in game scene in
windowed mode. [1804910]
 Assassins Creed - Syndicate shows intermittent flickering black or white patches on
game character faces. [200211264]
 Surround Display icon disappears after rotate mode set to portrait. [200201040]
 [SLI] Street Fighter V performance drop (pause and play) observed when the game is
played at 4K resolution with SLI enabled. [200172046]
 [Luxmark 3.0] Display driver stopped responding while running benchmark LuxBall
HDR (Simple Bechmark:217K triangles). [200153736]
 [347.09, GM204] Blank screen observed on an ASUS Tiled display when system
resumes from shutdown or hibernation with Fast boot option enabled from BIOS.

Application Issues (not caused by driver)
 [Windows 10][Bethesda Softworks games (Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim)]
Games crash when launched. [1802925]

Driver 376.33 is r375_00-190, dated 12/11/2016
Driver 376.20 is r375_00-173, dated 12/02/2016
Driver 376.19 is r376_06-6, dated 12/01/2016
Driver 376.09 is r376_06-3, dated 11/24/2016
Driver 375.95 is r375_86-5, dated 11/16/2016
Driver 375.86 is r375_00-134, dated 11/10/2016

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