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Hoping someone can help me - unable to find driver for 9600M GT on HP dv7


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Firstly, apologies for any gaffe, I'm a bit of a layman when it comes to these intricacies.

I'm not here to ask about the "best driver", just hoping someone can suggest drivers that are compatible with my setup, as I am having a hard time finding one.

Here's the situation: I have an 8 year old HP dv7-1250 with a 9600M GT GPU. It came pre-installed with Win7 x32 and ever since I first tried to upgrade my drivers about a year after I got it I could never find one that didn't crash, sometimes less, often terribly. I ended up settling for one from ~2010 at the time.

About 3 weeks ago I upgraded to Win8.1 x64 and it's been hell to find a suitable driver. The one on the HP website works (dated 2008), and I managed to find only one so far which works from the Verde Notebook series, 2010. This, amongst 40 or more I tested, using DDU and doing clean installs/manual installs. I have already asked for help at both the HP and Nvidia forums, as well as the Nvidia live support, to no avail. Drivers that seemed the most stable were ones for Win Vista/7 in the notebook series.

I'm looking for a driver which will simply allow me to play some more recent games more smoothly, like TSW or possibly even the Witcher 3 on ultra low specs, and I think this community is probably my last resort.

From what I gather from reading these forums, I might be able to get one running with an appropriate .inf file - or at least I hope.. Is there any version you might suggest, and would you be willing to clarify some doubts on how to install it?

If so, thank you in advance!


Here are details that might be relevant:

Laptop Model - Hp dv7-1250ep

BIOS update: F.2D (latest available)

GPU - 9600M GT  -  PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0649&SUBSYS_30F4103C&REV_A1

Current working driver - Verde 260.99 for win7/Vista x64  -  17.12.6099 16/10/20108

OS: Fresh install of Win8.1 x64

Dx, V C++ redists, .Net framework - all updated



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The 9600 is a rather ancient GPU, more recent games need more recent GPU's

Your only hope for drivers are the r340 series that support pre Fermi GPUs (400's)

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Thanks for the nudge!

I was just trying the ones you suggested, and even though the HP driver only had crashes it recovered from ( every 10-15s) without bsod's or freezing, the others almost immediately crashed badly.

Unfortunately, only 3 or 4 have the driver download and/or inf file available.

My old war beast has always managed to run games it apparently wouldn't, and although W3 is a real long shot, I would like to try some more drivers in that r340 series before I give up on it for a while and settle with the previous stable driver. I was googling for them but wasn't able to find any from a trust-inspiring source, is there any archive you could point me towards?

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Ok, so, here's an update:

v340.52 (downloaded from 3dguru website) installs only manually through the device managers, with the modded .inf from these forums.

It's somewhat stable, crashing and recovering with variable intensities after booting. I was testing it with Dragon Age: Inquisition - it runs great, zero crashes or artifacts during gameplay, will even last a whole night with the game running. As soon as I shut down the game, it starts crashing again, worse than just after booting.

Restarting the laptop will kind of fix it most of the times, going back to this strange limbo of driver tastiness.

Ran sfc /scannow again, everything is apparently fine.

Is this normal?

I'm still looking for more versions, but having some issues finding both the driver setup AND the modded .inf.


PS: IDK if it makes a difference, but I only tried running the game on windowed mode - i like to keep track of GPU/CPU temps on my taskbar

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