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How to grab a notebook's VBIOS that is not supported by NVFlash


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Usually GPUs in low-end notebooks have no separate EEPROM.
Instead all firmwares - VBIOS, EFI, ME, SAM, EC, SGX, fingerprint sensor, touchpad etc. share the same EEPROM.

NVFlash fails with

Identifying EEPROM...
 Command complete with error, Error code = 0x0003
Command id: 0x0000002 Command: NV_UCODE_CMD_COMMAND_EID failed
Error Code= 0x00000003: NV_UCODE_ERR_CODE_CMD_EID_RD_ERROR
  EEPROM ID process failed.

Therefore run regedit.exe and export VBIOS from
as vbios.reg

Open vbios.reg in e.g. Notepad++

delete the header

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


delete the footer


replace all commas with spaces
replace all backslashes with nothing

select all and copy

run a hex editor e.g. HxD
create new file
save as nvidia.rom

check the file size, if it's exactly 262144 bytes, you did everything right

Now you have a ROM you can stare at in a BIOS tweaker or whatever :banana_dance:


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Well found

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Striked the file size info,  my new GTX 1060 ROM is only 231936 bytes.

Missing bytes are either redundant or read protected by enhanced Falcon security for Pascal GPUs.



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