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Quadro to Geforce driver help


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First off sorry if im asking this question in the wrong area. I wasn't sure where to ask.


I have been reading a lot of stuff on the internet about using a Geforce driver on a Quadro card and i would like to do this. I think i understand what i need somewhat but the more i read the more i confuse myself. So I thought i would just ask the pros here if they can point me in the right direction. I think i just need the right driver and modded inf file.

My card is a Quadro 2700M in an HP Elitebook 8730W. I know this is an old system but i picked it up for $50 and was very surprised on how well the games i have tried work on it.

Im just not sure what driver to install and dont want to mess something up. thank you very much for any help here.

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Thank you very much for trying to help me. Im still not exactly sure what to do. I used your first link and downloaded the driver and modded inf file. I then overwrote the original inf with the modded one but when installing it fails? The second link you gave me when i click it takes me to nvidia page for Titan driver?

Just to make sure that i am even doing this right? I use the driver and mod inf from the first link and copy over the original inf and that's it? Sorry for the trouble i have never done this before.

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Yes thats it, but make sure you have driver signature enforcement off and you are installing a 430 series or older driver

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I am still not sure whats going wrong but i just cant get it to install. I turned off driver signature enforcement  but it still fails during the install. I don't know what a 430 series driver even is. I thought i just needed to use the driver and inf from the first link? Iam using a x64 OS if that matters at all. Sorry like i said im very new to this.

To Zipper thank you for your link but i think that is just a normal Quadro driver? I dont have any issue installing my normal laptop driver I am trying to make it see my Quadro as a Geforce.



I was looking at this guide http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/quadro-driver-tweak-how-to-make-your-quadro-a-geforce-driver-side.253667/

it says to find your graphics driver in the inf file but i could not find my device in the inf file that i downloaded from the link? Maybe thats the issue? All i see thats close to it would be Quadro 2000 but mine is a 2700M?

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You need the driver you want AND the modded INF that comes with that driver (if no modded INF choose another that has one)
The modded INF has ALL the GPU's supported no need to muck about
You don't need a Quadro driver any driver will do, they all support quadro's internally

If you want to turn your Quadro into a GeForce then you are talking about BIOS flashing, stay away from this very risky
You can run games on Quadro's 

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The difference between Geforce and Quadro when gaming was minimal when I had Quadro FX 1600M - at worst perhaps 1 - 2% I did that "How To Make Your Quadro A GeForce Driver Side" and got my Quadro to show as GT 8700M but it's just cosmetic, no benefit. Actually I could make my card to show as Ronald Reagan if I want. To make real changes you need to flash the bios but no need to do it. There was some game that didn't want to run on Quadro but that renaming didn't fix the problem.

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