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Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 Version: DCH


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Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 Version: DCH

These new drivers labeled as Windows DCH graphics drivers are not backward compatible with our previous graphics drivers that we're now labeling Legacy. This means if later you want to revert to a Legacy driver you will need to uninstall the driver via Windows Apps and Features and reboot the system before installing a Legacy driver. Failure to do so may result in minor to catastrophic issues on your system as well as system instability.

DO NOT use the INF / Have-Disk method to install or uninstall this driver as it bypasses the Intel installer designed to install these new drivers, thereby possibly resulting in minor to major system instability. For this reason, we're not providing the ZIP file for the next several driver releases while users transition to this new Microsoft driver platform.

For more information about DCH drivers, read here.

If you have read this and would like to download the driver for install, please go here.

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Hello, i have been thinking some time now. Did any of you guys got performance or stability improvements with these new modern drivers of intel ? Can anybody get some benchmarks out of this ? I tried to install the modern drivers last month and i tried many games with my laptop. Does these drivers only target optimizing non discrete gpu systems ? Or hybrid users get some performance increase too ?  After using the modern drivers i re formatted my windows 10 and now i am using the intel driver which windows installs  (from 2016) and i see my system is pretty stable. Since intel suggests us to do not roll back drivers after installing the modern ones, i don't want to test it myself. Can somone enlighten me up ?

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