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Really need help - Years bricked MX17xR3 with GTX680M after trying mod from this forum


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I though I'd revisit this issue to see if I could unbrick my gaming laptop. the original card (which ran too hot) burned out. Instead of replacing the same hot card, I found upgrade advice here using a GTX680M with a modded inf file. It worked great for a couple months, then stopped working. Trying to follow the same steps again, the best I could get was a black screen (after windows  music) on startup (driver showing loaded in DevMan). that was many years ago.

Recently, I thought I'd revisit the issue. After checking other responses on older posts, I tried again. I installed the recommended driver from Nvidea, based on a suggestion from a poster who also attached the modded inf file. Install failed. then I added the modded inf file and ran setup from the nvidia folder. All seemed to install fine. But on reboot, it was back to that old black screen.

I'm wondering if an ubertech out there can guide me through resolving this. Or, since it's been so many years, should I consider another hardware change? I don't have a lot of money to throw at this right now. and I don't like the idea of not being able to use a card I spent good money on. One person I met IRL suggested just swapping out the mobo with an embeded video card at his shop. I'm not sure whether that is good advice or not.

Suggestions on what to do next.

Help me LaptopVideo2Go community, you're my only hope.

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I'm afraid your card may be dead. My 680M died last year on my GT70 when 5 years old. Probably baking the card (google for it) might give some mileage further.


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That thought crossed my mind.but that means that it died after only a couple months use, and it was supposed to be a cooler running card than the original.

In that case, can anyone suggest a gaming GPU on the low end that will be compatible with a MX17xR3  that is not the original card (too hot), nor this one that required a modded file?

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It's probably using the built in Intel chip.

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