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is there a modified nvidia 419.35 to work with a 1660 super


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Hi guys, I didn't know what i was doing so a friend of mine modified the nvami.inf file from the 419.35 driver for me

I want to use this driver for WWE 2K19 as there is a issue where random black squares appear in-game and this version of the driver fixed the issue.

I can't install this driver as only the 1660 and 1660 ti are supported and not the 1660 super.

I installed the driver with the modified inf file fine with no problems however when i went into WWE 2K19 

the black square issue was gone but it's running the game at like 10 fps and super super slow. 

My specs are a intel i7 4790 and 16gb of RAM so i know that's not the problem.

when i install the latest nvidia driver i think 445.75 the game runs fine but the black square thing happens again.

did my friend do something wrong in the modified inf file?




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Judging from https://www.google.com/search?q=wwe+2k19+slow+motion old GeForce drivers have a performance issue.

I guess NVIDIA fixed performance later and screwed sth. else.

Did you try the launch driver 441.08?



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@StefanG3D hi thanks for replying, I installed and tried the modded inf file with 441.08 still the same issue, game runs fine but random black squares everywhere.

when i try the 419.35 driver with a modified inf to support the gtx 1660 super the game runs super slow, is there something in the inf that's causing the slow fps?

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How should i know which modifications your friend made?

Apparently there are many people having trouble without modded drivers


So the problem must be the game itself

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