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GeForce 545.11


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First teaser of the next next driver series 😛

545.11 /

Since R535 is still built against CUDA 12.1 SDK, this driver series should come with CUDA 12.2 as advertised for IGX Orin

Release cadence: New driver branch is released approx. every quarter.

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Hi StefanG3D. For a long time I'm curious if there is any way to get those new branches drivers (e.g. r535, r540)? Periodically they surface here and there, so I assume some people have access to them... Maybe I can sign to beta testing, became insider or anything like that. Thanks.

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To become a Windows insider you simply have to opt-in to the "canary channel" in the settings control panel below Windows update.

The canary channel is obviously named after the birds who got killed first in coal mines in the "good old days" ☠️

In computer terms it means you get an unstable system.

I suggest to use a second PC which doesn't contain important software or data.

Also NVIDIA's insider drivers are limited to desktop PC's since a while - for whatever reason.


atm you get R535, i don't expect R545 before August

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I am in Canary Insider since it appeared and no 545 driver available.

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On 10/05/2023 at 07:53, tormento said:

Estou no Canary Insider desde que apareceu e nenhum driver 545 disponível.


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NVIDIA 545 Linux Driver To Support Vulkan Apps With PRIME On Wayland

"This feature has been implemented by @dkorkmazturk. It will be available in the next major driver version, 545 (not the recently released 535 beta)."

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