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nVidia GeForce4 4200 Detonator Driver


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Hi there, I have a question. I have a a Dell Inspiron 8500 and I wanted to use the nvidia detonator driver in my laptop. I downloaded the driver and then i downloaded the modded INF as well. However on the instruction page it says

" Download the Modded INF for the version of Detonator you just downloaded.

Copy the original INF of the Detonator into a subdirectory (just incase you need it later)

Now copy the Modded INF into the Directory where the Detonator was extracted. (there should be no other INF (other than Setup.inf) in the Directory."

However there are two INF files in the directory, one is the same file name as the modded driver, as expected (nv4_disp.inf) and then there is also nv4disp2.inf

So, no setup.inf and this other inf that isnt mentioned... what do I do ??

Thanks in advance for the info..

PFC. McShithead

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Remove that other INF as well (you must be using an early 4x.xx driver)

Then just copy the modded INF into the dir and install as per instructions.

Now this being a very old driver and you having a modern GPU it is more advisable to go for a newer driver (56.xx)

In my latest INFs I have included the Lid closure registry tweak, this applies to the newer INFs.

Good luck and welcome,


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Thanks Pieter, I think I'll take your suggestion and download a more current driver. Someone just suggested the 44.03 so i went with it. So am i to understand that all the drivers in that list work with all the GPU's in the compatability list. I know its a silly question but i notice that alot of these drivers have fixes for specific computers (toshiba black bar problem?) so I wasnt sure if that meant that certain drivers are made for certain processors. Would the 56.64 be ok for my nVidiaGeForce4 4200 Go??

PFC. McShithead

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