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Welcome to nVision and LaptopVideo2Go.

2 years ago I bought my trusty Gateway laptop (my 5th laptop, but first with decent video).

It came with Detonator 16.20, and it still is the only Gateway release for my laptop.

After a little while I noticed that the drivers were into the 20's, so I started to play around with the drivers, I was able to install the driver by forcing the installer to think that I had a Geforce 2Ultra, this worked for all the 20's.

When the 30's hit (30.72 to be exact) it stopped working, so I started to look around for a place that had mobile drivers, I found a little info over @ Omegacorner as he had a Geforce 2go laptop as well.

But my breakthrough came when I discovered nVision in June of 2003 and found that I was able to answer a few of the questions.

Having some knowledge of video cards I was able to modify my own INFs and slowly work out what some of the settings did to enable the goodies we see today.

I had requests for my INFs and needed a place to put them

In July of 2003 I started my website as part of my free hosting that came with my ISP.

For the first few months all was fine, but as the website and forum grew in popularity (at time of shift 108 members in Forum !)

I found Waffell (webhost) quite by accident, while searching for free hosts.

I pay a small fee for hosting these pages, and Waffell sponsor the big hosting account for the price of a little icon on the screen.

On February the 11th 2004 www.laptopvideo2go.com was born.

Basicly the old site shifted to here, it took a while for me to update the place from it's very basic beginning.

After a few days of operation, I asked Teraphy if he was keen to shift the Forum to an add free server with a proper name.

His answer is obvious, he changed the forum to Invision from BB2 and what you see now is the result.

Things have grown enormously since the start, March was 200%+ up on February's stats.

It should continue to grow as the Search engines are now reporting the site as well.

My specialty with the site is looking after the website and modifying the INFs for all to use.

Before each upload I test the drivers by running 3Dmark 2k1 and make sure that everything worls as it should.

When I have time I try to play with settings to see what they do.

Now we have 6 moderators each with their own special area of expertise, hopefully they will write down their story as well.

Teraphy the originator of nVision, I do believe a Dell forum regular up until he started nVision.

He will hopefully write down his experiences.

Kamika007 I think was a co-Dell Forum goer that was the first to join, but hopefully when he's not to busy with studies he can enlighten us.

LSudlow he joined nVision way back in May 2003, I liked him as he also had a Gatway 9550, now he's a Dell man (###### him)

Larry is the Benchmark king and keeps us informed of speed of drivers.

®®® joined in November 2003 he's the dude looking afer the drivers them selves.

He downloads, then compresses using 7-Zip then uploads the drivers, adds any updates on the driver (ie fixes, known bugs)

It is also thought that he has the only Toshiba (not Compal) laptop that doesn't have the black-bar issue :)

Almighty1, he was kidnapped from the Dell Forums, he has invaluable knowledge on all things Quadro.

Update:- 13th March 2005

Right, just over a year has passed since LV2go was born.

There has been some changes since then, where to start, NVLiTE made by ®®® is becoming recognised elsewhere, very well done and lets see what happens here.

NVTweak made by Rewt has joined our team, and compliments what we do very nicely.

An awsome tool for setting individual tweaks in the registry and real-time, I use it as well for trouble shooting.

Since we first went live we have had to seperate the Downloads onto a seperate server.

As it became very popular and continues to do so, it now occupies 1.5GB and is in need of being enlarged.

Speaking of growth which still breaks recoreds every month, we now have 30,000+ unique users popping in for a look every month.

A few super-users have joined our side as well to help you with your needs.

Bill, is our gaming expert and knows a bit about everything and has been invaluable since he joined.

Ministeve with Teraphy's created the Toshiba Black bar fix, he's a little busy at the moment but we see him here every now and then.

Korpowski the lastest to join our team also has a great knowledge everything nVidia and once again invaluable in helping us out.

I have started to modify ATI drivers for Mobilty support, but alas have not had anytime to coninue this.

I have had a little more time to mod the Win9x drivers and have a small selection of them.

Along with 64 bit drivers these are becoming more popular now Intel also have 64bit processors, this only leaves Linux etc to conquer but this is a whole new kettle of fish.

I apologise if I missed any person or subject, there is so much happening here now.

Any suggestions to make this place better let us know, and enjoy.

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Wow! Nice summary, Pieter!

Teraphy certainly gets the credit for getting all of this started. I had the same Gateway 9550 that Pieter does and was struggling along with the original 16.xx drivers, which were becoming increasingly useless for the games I wanted to play. I discovered I could add my chip identifier to other mobile drivers to get them to work and soon became hooked on trying various tweaks to get them to perform better. It became a weekly ritual to scan the Toshiba and Dell support sites to see if they'd published a new laptop driver for me to play with.

Then along came Teraphy and a whole new world opened up. (Doing a Google search for "nVidia mobile driver" I found a message with a link to his site.) Suddenly here was a guy who KNEW what the various tweaks did. Life was good.

Good as the site was, the updates were a bit sparse and I kept hounding the other driver sources for new versions to modify. Somewhere in there, Pieter and I discovered we had the same machine, and were maybe the only two people on the planet who had them. (At least I don't recall any other Gateway 9550 owners speaking up since then.) We were both getting the same lockups when we hit the Warp2Search page until we discovered the PushBufferMemorySpace tweak.

Pieter got even more hooked than I did, starting his own site, and even developing his own mobile versions for public use, which requires WAY more patience than I have, especially when it comes to troubleshooting.

So we've evolved to a place where Teraphy is our technical guru, Pieter is our main INF muscle, and ®®® is doing an enormous amount of forum development and maintenance. The rest of us just watch in awe, contribute where we can, and wish we could keep up with these guys!

Believe me, you have the gratitude of laptop owners everywhere! :)

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:) My turn!

This little niche in the Internet certainly has grown beyond what I imagined a few years ago. I never wanted credit nor praise for what I do which is one reason I've backed off recently. Pieter is doing a great job at the moment while I toy with various ideas.

A few years ago, my Inspiron 8100 continually got the dreaded "nv4_disp infinite loop" on many occasions. This was the reason behind my participation in the Video Driver section of the Dell forums. I, as well as Kamika007z and ssevennm, were out to find the best of the best. We corroborated on the files together. Kamik007z was out for speed and I was looking for stability. After infinite blue screens how could I not be? The answer to the blue screen issue was to simply install ANY driver other than the one Dell supplied for 2 years. <_< Dell caused many people headaches and I was glad to be helpful to others to supply a fix. Though I think many people complained so much their laptops were replaced with better and newer laptops! :)

The Geocities site was put up at some point (no specific dates off the top of my head) and is currently sitting at revision three. Support went from Dell and expanded to Toshiba. Before I knew it I was working on files for Gericom, Medion, Acer, etc. Each laptop unique to provide it's own issues. No issue has been worse than obtaining the proper resolution. Without hands on experience we've come to rely on the feedback from the forum and users to tackle the issues with us. We at nVision would like to provide the quality you deserve! :P

With the small tech support I provided by Email from the Geocities site the discussions were soon really repetitious. Thus my goal to find a free PHP host for a forum was out. ( Free because at the time I was in college and free = good. :( ) The forum was started and slowly grew. I never went out to other boards to spread the word of the site. Word was spread by mouth and other members. Slowly it grew and along the way I snared in my tangled web 4 other moderators besides Kamika007z and myself. :ph34r: We have become a well-rounded crew as described by Pieter's and LSudlow's summary on "us".

A while back I wrote a C# program to modify INF's. Codename scintilla, it was an effort to allow users to modify whatever they want, whenever they want. At this time I believe D-Force came up with an ATI version. NVIDIA's files turned out to be more complex to work for a wide range of laptops. As many of you might know depending on the laptop the registry keys SoftEDIDs and Mobile vary. This along with the changes in installation and the addition of new keys and removal of old ones has closed that project. Since the removal of my INFs I've gained much knowledge in the area of properly created INF files and am looking into new possiblities.

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My Turn! :)

I think Pieter, LSudlow, Teraphy, Kamika007, ®®® are the ones who are more knowledgeable on the NVidia stuff than I am while I'm more knowledgeable on the Dell/IBM hardware and their video card and their screens including disassembly and repairing as a self-taught art. I'm 30 and have been using computers for the last 22 years and the internet since 1989. I'm a Astrophysicist PhD and Electrical Engineering-Computer Science Honorary B.S. from UC Berkeley working at NASA Ames Research Center in the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. I also own a Hawaiian ISP as well as run several ISPs remotely without any assistance from others.

But anyways, I think Teraphy and Kamika007 was posting on the Dell forums sometime after I became part of the D-Force team which never really gotten anywhere as D-Force himself went ATI! So I think Teraphy posted the name of his site and then sometime in mid-2003 - Pieter shows up on the Dell forums and you gotta give him a big hand for helping people on the Dell forums as he doesn't even own a Dell, so :) to Pieter and the rest of you too! :P

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  • 1 month later...

This is my 1000th post (did i mention i love statistics), so finally i should make some effort and write my contribution here.

I started to develop interest for upgrading my original Toshiba driver (v36.39) in summer 2003 for some reason i forgot. I already knew there was no possibility with the standard NV driver nor with Toshiba newer releases as the INF didn't include my PCI_ID. So i googled around for "Laptop Nvidia driver", but found nothing ( :) ; today i know i used the wrong terms). Next step was i modified the INF, but piteously failed as i didn't know exactly where to add things. I had some knowledge of general INF construction and NVidia tweak settings, but i was missing the vital details how to properly (not only by changing a DEV_ID or name in the INF :P ) add my GeForce 460Go. Soon i lost interest as i had other things to do, but then weeks later somehow i googled again with different terms and i saw a link on the 25th page to a site which got my interest in the google preview:

ohau.estate/mobileframeleft.html LOL (dont remember the correct name)

That's it! That was THE site! I (still) love those private one-man HTML pages, where you find the finest tools for free. Soon Pieter was becoming a pioneer/idol to me and later i recognized that he was not the only one who was modifying NV INFs. There was this other guy Teraphy! Good to have an alternative, i thought, until i found out that BOTH were active in a so called "support forum" which was linked at Pieter's site and also from Teraphy's site geocities.com/madtoast:

The nViSiON forum.

Soon i developed Überinterest in the INF topic and was passive reading the forum and Pieter's frontpage/news as breakfast lecture for almost a month. Until that time i was kind of a forum avoider (though i used to visit the SuperNature Support forum, which still has a real good and experienced community) as i found people were blabla too much, become offtopic after the 3rd post, just don't know or copy & paste and claim it's their finding or their knowledge.

Also i don't like those "we-need-28-sections" forums where all and everything should be covered... and the result is crossposting and because of the complexity people don't know where to post questions and where to look first for information and therefore get lost. I soon recognized that the nViSiON forum is somewhat different, so I registered without any doubts in November 2003.

I was always amazed about the idea that NVIDIA-driven-Laptop owners from all around the globe (Japan, Italy, Sweden, China, Brazil, even New Zealand :) ) show up in this forum and all have the same problem: They can't update their driver without the help of a handful of people. So I helped to develop the INF from v11.xx to 20.xx. Later i realized that i could not keep up with the INF development and the corresponding driver releases and with the release of version 20 INF there was a total different concept behind the INF, which turned out to be a good decision. Before version 20 Pieter had to add all known PCI_IDs plus all SUBSYS_IDs which now is reduced to only PCI_ID :( .

With the use of THIS PAGE i decided to concentrate my efforts on v52.16 which was at that time the fastest driver and how it turns out after long time usage also a stable one. I tested and compared almost all pre v20.xx INFs which was very time consuming as i learned all the details i missed before. So i got stuck on 52.16 with 11.64. The project of updating my old video driver was fulfilled after more than 6 months plus i got quite deep into the details. Compare this to the one user who told us that it took him 5 minutes to update his old driver with our help.

The reason why i stayed here in the forum after my successful driver update was the nice and friendly conversation and the self-driven behaviour of the members. There was and still is no need to tell people they should NOT do this and that and we have no incident of banning members or deleting posts (well, exceptions always occur). Knock on wood about that.

Also I loved the concept of a plain, simple website which is updated regularly, where people can easily (direct download of driver/INF = 2 clicks) access all needed files (quick and dirty: mobile INF plus driver) AND besides that, a forum where all can discuss and post issues or suggestions. Just at this time it happened that I earned soo much experience in the forum that i leveled up to moderator, which gave me more possibilities to contribute to the development of the site. So i wanted to help and applied for the "job". As we moved to WAFFELL.com in February 2004, there was plenty of webspace to fill up. So i specialized in packing nVidia drivers to the smallest size with the help of Pieter and Teraphy and the knowledge i had as long-time user of 7z_jt.png / 7-ZIP and some tricks. After that i upload and make descriptions as you can see HERE. This section of the nVision Forum contains all nVidia mobile & Desktop drivers ever released by OEMs, NVIDIA or otherwise leaked to the internet beginning with v37.62. Now you have the choice :( . And beware it gets updated all of the time as more and more drivers are released.

Currently i work on MRBOSS (Maintenance & Repair, Boot OS smart) , a project which should result in faster booting compared to OEM/fresh OS installation. This is realized with Raxco's Perfect Disk v6, a .BAT and a .REG file, so watch out for news.

This is my story, most things about me has been already written by the other "nVaders" :P .

Btw i'm also a 1973, German, live in Berlin and you usually find me monday night in the "Lauschangriff" in Chef'Hain, uplifting myself with the most positive vibes you can imagine, selected from Upliftment Sound Berlin. BigUp. Can't stop di Fiyah.

I work parttime/nightshift at a TV-station and i have my own super-small business. Also i would like to mention my lovely wife :) . Without her i would rarely see daylight and eventually get crazy.

Have fun :P

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  • 9 months later...

Hey There,

Well where do I begin? It began when I first bought my first notebook computer. I didn't know exactly what to get, but knowing about desktops, I knew that the video card age was springing to life. Whereas in the desktop department, everyone wanted the latest and greatest video cards. So keeping that thought in mind, I went and purchased the Inspiron 8000 from Canada, while I was up visiting my family. I wanted to get the i8100, but I was just thankful enough to be getting a new computer so I didn't want to break my parents bank by ordering something reall expensive. Two days later I come home from Canada and out of excitement to see how the order process is going, I find out my order has been cancelled for an unknown reason (gotta love Dell for that, they just cancel an orders out of nowhere). I go online to Dell's site and see if there was any special rebates left for the i8000 and I see that the 8000 was fully replaced with the 8100 and with a better price. I knew I had to get this. I ended up re-placing an order for a 866Mhz p3-m. Something told me that I could upgrade the processor later, but I should get a better video card because they would be soldered onto the motherboard so I opted for the more expensive video card and to compensate, a cheaper processor. I also went for the UXGA, because this would be hard to replace as well. The only thing I knew that you could replae was the ram and maybe the processor. So I placed the order for 1 Dell Inspiron 8100 p3-m 866Mhz 256MB SDRam GeForce2 32MB DDR notebook :) I also got a couple hundered dollars off because they were apologetic about cancelling my order without telling me before.

I was excited...

..........they better not cancel my order this time...

I get it in in about 2-3 weeks and I start exploring the computer's preloaded OS (Win ME), format and install Windows 2000. I go online and I read more reviews about it and such. I see that there's a Dell user forum and people are talking about video card drivers. I start noticing that users are complaining about poor performance with some drivers and better performance with other drivers and since Dell is slow on updating these drivers they are modifying their own. So I take on this task and start getting tips on how to do so. I start modifying the Detonator 20 series. I posted a couple on the forums and with the help of a friend, I started placing these drivers on his FTP titles superturborad.com/nvidia/drivers/ . People start asking for more and more of them because since I love getting the most performance out of hardware (coupled with stability), I was modding almost all the recent driver leaks/releases. I thought to myself "If I can get the most out of my hardware, I can extend the lifetime of my laptop, instead of feeling bad about all the newer ones coming out every other month and leave mine in the dust."

I then meet this guy named Teraphy. I see that he is modifying drivers as well and to make a long story short, we start modding together. Like he said before, he would modify the INF's and add support to our cards and I would do the same and add tweaks from Omega's Corner and test them.

Later on Chris puts up his geocities.com/madtoast site (gotta love that name "madtoast", which I think still works) and he was churning out the drivers. I would pop back in and forth into the forum to see if anyone had a problem of getting a new driver or a problem in general ad redirect them to us.

Later on Pieter... this crazy guy :P was modding like there was no tomorrow (and still is) joins Teraphy and Chris asks me if I want in. You bet I do!

The rest of you guys Rene (®®®), Almighty1, LSudlow, and the others (my apologies if I did not list you, I will be sure to update this list) come to the scene and make this site the best site I have ever seen. There has never been a site that actually helps people with video issues on notebooks and there STILL isn't one till this day. You all are a "Dream Team" when I stop and think about it. :)

I get an i8200 really cheap and I start modifying the heck out of it. With all your help and since then I love it. I get a new card (Quadro) to try all new driver modifications with it when there's time.

Then I release an "interesting" and urgently needed touchpad modification guide for all plagued Inspiron 8200's and a specific-Quadro modified INF as well.

So here we have it. After 2 years this site is kicking stronger and stronger, getting a following that I had never dreamed of before.

....I still post this site's url on the Dell forums, but people already know about it :P

A big thank you to everyone for contributing and making this site amazing! :)


If any other information pops into my head I will be sure to edit and add them :( Also, let me know if I missed anything :(

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  • 10 months later...

Hey everyone, time I told you about myself.

I don't have the best memory or the most time here so what you see is what you get till I remember and/or have the time to update.

I came here a really long time ago. It says I joined way back in April 2004.

I actually first came across this site a little earlier I think, possibly in December 2003.

At first I probably didn't check out the forums and was scared of updating drivers because of all the warnings they used to have on the front page about certain Dell laptops. (mine was THE problamatic one)

How I found this place originally I do not know, guess it was luck or from some other forums probably.

Now I spread the good news on major places like Nvidia's official forum so its not a question anymore how people get here. lol

Back to 2004, eventually I registered here and started testing drivers, I don't remember much from that long ago, but I do know I had no problems with drivers from here and was able to install countless drivers successfully with no issues. (I stopped counting)

Also the above mentioned Dell screen issues have been fixed thanks to our deep research into EDIDs, so no worries anymore.

When the 66.xx series came I finaly found drivers worth replacing the old Dell ones, and since then I have stayed with LV2GO drivers. :P

At some point I started to become an active member, I started answering lots of questions like some of the SuperUsers do now.

Eventually I must have gotten good at it and gotten recognized, for I was made the mod of the gaming section. (or maybe I just played games too much? :( )

I also made the famous driver install movie featured here.

As of late my post count has grown and grown, I am now one of the top posters and as far as I am aware I have full moderator privilages just like the above posters. (not counting the 2 admins)

I now am an active mod of the forum and actually moderate things while still answering questions. :)

On top of this I still find time to play games, do homework (most of the time :P ), and still have time for projects and playing with explosives/fireworks. :(

About my laptop, I got an I8200 from Dell, currently this is still my main PC, I have done a few upgrades which I can tell you guys about later, but the big one is my card, John (post above) game me an email to another guy and I got my Quadro card from him after my GeForce4 broke. Really nice upgrade.

Anyway thanks to everyone for helping this site out, I now recommend Peiter's INFs even for desktop PCs and I have done a bit of INF modding myself too, but nothing recent worth telling about at the moment.

I'm glad to help out and mod here on LaptopVideo2Go.com :)


P.S. This is still a rought draft so I probably missed some things and will add in later.

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Ok... since we've officially been nagged to post! :)

Me... well I'm just a bit of a nerd.. nothing too deep at the moment but I enjoy tinkering and am one of those people that just *have* to have the latest version of everything running.

I ran into lv2go not long after I bought my Toshiba Tecra M2. We were actually looking for some new drivers for a customer to install Visio (Toshiba drivers were too old and Visio would not install), so after a bit of hunting and testing on my M2, we got the drivers and I was hooked.

I used the lv2go drivers for a little while and enjoyed them greatly until I finally gave up when I hit the limitations of the FX Go5200, the drivers were great but they weren't what was holding me back... so i actually stopped visiting (oh the shame!).

Late last year I bought my new baby, a shiny new Toshiba Tecra S3, and of course the first thing I did was run back home to lv2go, this time to register,, I saw all these flash new drivers, but didn't know what to install,, so I just installed everything and benched the lot! So now it's a habit of mine to install and bench as many new drivers as I have the time for, and for the moment this is where I fit in the team (as well as a little general help on the forums).

What else do it do? Well I work sales/purchasing for a computer wholesaler, and I love to keep up with the latest gear so this suits me really well. We distribute Toshiba notebooks, so there's an obvious bias there but It also means I am quite familiar with the Toshiba Tecra notebooks (not so much the current Satellite/Quosmio as we can't get hold of them) so like to help where I can in regards to this. Also like to keep up on the latest technologies, always hunting reviews on the next new platform etc.

Well thats my little world... I try to get here as much as time permits (and my new baby.. new car.. tinkering is a terribly expensive thing :P )..

So if you need something benched... I'm your man :)

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Hello dear friends, registered users and guests.

First a little background info on how I ended up here. I bought my first lovely Toshiba Satellite 5200 laptop back in 2003 with a nice GeForceFX 5600Go. I always loved having latest drivers on my computers. Everything was fine, new Toshiba power applications, new touchpad drivers and so on. Everything was smooth and nice until I realized Toshiba wasn't going to release a newer version of my GeForceFX 5600Go drivers. Checking nVidia site, downloading unified drivers on a 56k modem and seeing them don't work was not such a nice experiance at all. That's why I searched for a way to install or at least find better drivers for my graphics card. I was spending my time in labs, waiting for course to start and trying to find useful stuff for my computer I found the old site of Pieter and immediately emailed the address to myself to check it out at home. Back in home I downloaded related INF, replaced and new driver worked like a charm! I was so glad and started to check site daily.

That is how it was for the next 1 year. After a while they moved to this LaptopVideo2Go.com, I thought it was nice to see that they are going big in business. I don't actually remember how, probably wondered something on main page and clicked on a link that took me to this nVision forum. I'm sure I came here by chance because I didn't like and care about forums in those times. I checked around and found this topic created by a crazy admin (I won't name him here :) ) which was about Toshiba 5000 series laptops. It was VERY basic including just one or two newer driver suggestions. But after a day or so when I checked again I saw it developed and included nearly every driver the laptop has! I was so excited about checking and installing them and learning stuff I never knew. Then I saw the RemoteX utility which makes use of front buttons of the laptop by controlling Winamp and several other applications. I was using an old Winamp plugin for the same purpose but it was absolutely not as good as RemoteX itself. I was made for 5100 models so I had to make some registry tweaks to get it working perfectly on my 5200. But after a while new version is released making it fully compatible with 5200 series without having need to edit registry.

Meanwhile I re-downloaded the SDK for our Synaptics cPad Touchpad, which is a touchpad with a monochrome LCD screen (a must have IMO but I don't know why they weren't commonly used. To be true they were used only in some Toshiba Satellite 5000 series laptops!). It was provied with some basic functions like having an animated background or wallpaper, an application launcher and several small applications like calculator, signature capture and calender. I always thought a brilliant potential was wasted with such small info on a 240x160 screen (I hope I remember the size). Back on topic, I re-downloaded the SDK which I first tried when I bought the laptop and couldn't even run sample programs, hoping this time I could use it. This time I could run the sample applications because this time I was using latest Synaptics touchpad drivers and later on I learnt SDK was not 100% compatible with the version I was using before! However new version was also incompatible with every little application I mentioned above but I found them really useless so I wasn't using them. Worked a little while and created my first application - a clock and a button to switch backlight of the touchpad. I thought it might come in handy for some other users as well because original applications don't let you control backlight and I saw some other people asking for how to control it but found no way. I registered to forum and posted my first post saying a big thank you and uploading that little application I made. After a while ®®® said he liked the program and hoped that I would develop it. I named the application clearPacks or shorly cPax and started developing it here on forum with the help of ®®® and many other users. It turned to be a really nice program now and I'm very happy with it. Development stage was so long and I was also posting some useful applications and testing newly released drivers. I learnt a lot about Synaptics drivers while developing cPax and that's why I was given the leadership of Touchpad Drivers section. I kept updating drivers and posting little applications I found.

I don't know what made big guys above to think I should join them but one day they said I was in team to disscuss anything in their hidden sanctum. And that's what I did. I gave suggestions and ideas. I hope they are not regretting to let me in :) I'm now one-of-a-kind in the forum; the only one in 'Uploader' member group, giving me the power of uploading here and there - and I sure do upload a lot.

So that's it. I'm here trying to maintain some drivers and utilities, post news and offtopic stuff, develop cPax and talk in hidden sanctum. There is a little piece from me almost in every corner you stare at in both nVision forum and LaptopVideo2go.com. And who am I? I am a CS student living in Türkiye lang_TR.gif, loving computer games and former fan game maker ( http://go.to/magicgrafx , beware it is closed and you can't even download games there. ). I wasn't going to write much but ®®®, the crazy admin I mentioned, asked for it!

I hope you all enjoy this site and forum, and my application as well, as much as I do.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Where to start....

Well, I first found LaptopVideo2Go after some posts on a couple of different forums (Anandtech and the nVIDIA forums, namely), and with the sheer amount of laptops that I have (~25), it was a good place to make a home for me, and to get the updates I needed when I needed them.

The staff and its friendliness never ceased to surprise me with their friendliness and willingness to assist whenever possible. There was an instant welcome feeling coming here, and it's not something that you generally get on a hardware/software forum.

I'm actually the sole moderator at the nZone nVIDIA forums, and have been for some time, and I suppose that imparts me with more knowledge than the average user, but it goes beyond that. I carry NDAs with companies like AMD, Intel, nVIDIA, ATi, XGI, SiS, Microsoft, etc...the list goes on. This comes from what I do for a living (which I won't go into here, aside from the fact that I work for a Game developer here in California).

I have also hosted Counter-Server (http://server.counter-strike.net) for the better part of 6 years, and continue to do so with ferver and enjoyment in serving the CS community. The site is my pride and joy, and the traffic it generates often astounds me.

I was given SU almost without me knowing, and I've done my best to provide honest, straight-forward feedback with the direction of LV2Go. I'm actually more of the silent, watch the boards type, as my job generally keeps me pretty busy (I've averaged 85+ hour work weeks since the beginning of this year), but I do my best to assist where I can. I am willing to assist any user with any endeavor I'm able to, so never feel shy about contacting me. If I can't help, then I find someone that can.

My computer knowledge extends back ~ 18 years now, and it covers just about anything you might come up with. I take pride in keeping myself up to date on current technology, and being in the know when it comes to up and coming products from the hardware sector.

I'm not much of a modder (meaning, I don't modify my hardware if I can help it), as I generally have whatever happens to be the top of the line at the time, at least where my primary gaming system is concerned, but I do enjoy my XPS Gen2 (that I've swapped out the 6800 Ultra with a 7800 Go GTX), and I'm constantly amazed at what it can do (it rivals desktop systems in many respects).

My next venture will likely be the Eurocom with the pair of 7800's and the Dual Core offering, which should be interesting. :)

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Bonjour a tous... *cough**activating universal translater*

Hello all,

I'm 32 years old. I live in the southern France sunny town of Marseille located in Provence on the mediteranean sea. I'm the father of a 4 months old little girl Justine.


I went thru the french universities taking 4 years of electrical engineering (electronics, electricity, automation, computer science,...) After a year in the french army (used to be compulsary for guys) I went back to the university to reach the french level of 5 years after hi-school graduation. So I'm now an engineer in software project management. In 1998 for my first job I worked as a machine vision software developper at Gemplus - the world leader of smartcards now Gemalto. (electronic plugs found in your cellphone, credit card or e-passport) In 2002 I got laid off as a part of 2000 out of 7000 job reduction. I joined the machine vision division of a Marseille based company called Cybernetix. For 3 years I worked as project manager on machine vision equipments in various industrial domains. (steel, semiconductor, pharmaceutical,...) Since mid 2005 I'm an autonomous consultant around RFID, machine vision, production equipments, *you pick*

I came here for the first time in 2004... at that time I had a Dell Inspiron 8100 with Geforce 2 Go. I ran into some rare BSOD so I looked for new drivers. Coming from a Toshiba Tecra 8100 I was astonished that Dell actually released new drivers for the graphic card. AFAIR Toshiba released one unique driver version for the S3 Savage graphic chip. The last Dell driver was released on 2003.09.10 44.82... so for more than a year I used a moded driver and I was pleased with it. :P

In august 2005 I bought a full option Dell Inspiron 9300 with a Geforce 6800 Go... for a while it was my best computer. My 2 desktop computers (nForce 2 + Athlon Barton 2500+ + Geforce 4 Ti 4600/4200) were used for download and home theater PC respectively. Recently the laptop fell at the second place as I built a 2006 class PC. (nForce 4 + Athlon 64 X2 4400+ + Geforce 7600 GT + 3Gb + 24" LCD screen)

My computer history runs back in the early 80s... among others the most memorable were Oric 1, Oric Atmos, Commodore 64, Atari 520 ST (soldered into a 1040 ST)... then came the PC era Pentium 100, K6 200, Celeron 300A, Pentium 3 450, Pentium 3 700, Duron 750 (temporary uber overclocker dirt cheap CPU), Athlon Thunderbird 1.0GHz (overclocked at 1.4GHz), Athlon T-Bred 2000+, 2x Athlon Barton 2500+ (overclocked at 3200+) and now an Athlon 64 X2 4400+.

While I jog the memory muscle... my video cards... :) I started the PC world with a 1Mb S3 elcrappo then bought a Voodoo 1, Voodoo Banshee (the passthru cable of the Voodoo 1 garbled the video signal on my 19" screen), then started the nvidia era TNT2 Ultra, 2x Voodoo2 12Mb (I bought the first one the day after I got the TNT2 Ultra because Starsiege Tribes had a poor OpenGL support at that time), Geforce DDR, Voodoo 3, Geforce 2 Ultra, Geforce 4 Ti 4600, 2x Geforce 4 Ti4200 8x, Geforce 7600 GT.

And the shorter list of soundcards... Soundblaster AWE 32, Soundblaster 16, Aureal Vortex 1, Aureal Vortex 2 (I really miss the sound of these 2... they defined what Creative has still haven't reached yet in 2006) and a Soundblaster Audigy that I still use besides Creative POOR DRIVER SUPPORT.

Beside computers intrails, I enjoy solo and multiplayer gaming. Right now the lack of great team oriented FPS braught me back to my roots so I'm playing at RPG (Oblivion and co) and swat/ghost recon like FPS... and Nintendo GameCube and DS.

After lots of years of photography with Canon SLR, I started digital photography in 2001 with a Canon Powershot G1 then moved to a Canon 300D. Since that day I spend a lot of time processing the gazillion pictures I take. In order to speed up my workflow I developped a pack of scripts for PaintShop Pro 8, 9 and X. Those Python scripts are freely available on my PaintShop Pro script page.

I have to head back to the real life... the little 6kg girl wants her dad. :)

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First off, a little about myself. I'm 19 right now, I'm from Austin, Texas and I go to the University of Texas at Austin studying Civil Engineering. I've been raised around computers and I like to think that I know quite a bit more than the average user, but I don't have the first hand experience or the expertise of many people here.

I got a Toshiba Satellite 5205-s119 Christmas 2002 (I think). After playing games on it for over a year, I ran in to a game that didn't play right, so after about a week of manually adding lines to nVidia release INFs and searching for laptop drivers, I found this place. I was really curious about everything that people do here, so I lurked around for a long time and posted whenever I knew I could answer a question. Really, I don't see myself as being an "expert" in any field, but I like to lend a helping hand wherever I can.

Luckily, this site also had a bunch of programs and utilities for my computer, so I played around with most everything available to me and added my input to the 5205 driver threads, cPax, RemoteX, and all those great things. I guess my curiosity is really what drives me here, I just like to know everything about getting the most out of your computer, software and all the different hardware available nowadays.

Unfortunately, I do not have an nVidia powered computer anymore. I bought a new Apple (Oh noes!), and while I do run Windows, it has an ATI graphics chip (Double oh noes!). I stilll enjoy doing this though, so don't expect to see me leave anytime soon, even though I can't test drivers or really do most of the stuff that everyone on these boards does.

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Guess I'm one of the last ones that should place his store here....

Let's begin with some personal information, I'm Jeroen from the most beautiful city from Belgium: Ghent ! I'm 18 years old now, my anniversary is in August, so you can always send me a present if you want :) I'm studying "Multimedia and Communications Technology" (Multimedia en Communicatie Technologie, MCT) at "Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen" in Kortrijk.

I found this place after searching some months for new drivers for my MEDiON MD 41300. After testing some drivers, my TV-Out started to have some problems. After testing a lot of drivers, nothing worked. Finally with the help of everybody here I managed to make my TV-Out work. But some weeks later my screen started to do some weird things! Again after searching for the problem, I finally had to bring in my laptop for repair. After some weeks it finally got repaired, it came back with a brand new motherboard which didn't cause any more problems in the future. :rofl:

After that I've set up a website for other users with the same laptop (there are quite a lot users here in Belgium - Netherlands - Germany - ...) You still can visit the site in case you need some of the drivers.

With the start of my 'higher' studies, I decided to sell my medion laptop, and buy a new (quality) laptop, which became a Sony VAIO FE 21M, yep, it also comes with such a gorgeous screen! :) I have it since july 2006 and had no problems so far.. This Sony will propably my last Windows based computer, as I am already planning to step over to Mac. But that's for the far future, I have to finish my studies first! :P I've been playing with OSX for quite some time now, I got an old Power Mac G4 for free some months ago which is my backup computer at the moment. I also managed to install OSX on my VAIO, but wireless and audio aren't workin so I decided to stop that (more info at InsanelyMac).

I'm not that active anymore here as I have lots of work to do for school! But I'm still hanging around now and than!

So that's quite a bit my 'digital' life @ LV2Go here :P In my free time I'm more into music right now, started mixing (on an amateur level :thumbsup: ) As I study in Kortrijk, and I don't live there I have to go with the train every day, which takes about 1h30m so I actually haven't got much free time left!

Well, that's it, see you guys around!


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Hello all,

I am Kris Verbeeck, aged 28, and I`m also from Belgium. I`ve lived in quite a few places over the last few years but now I`ve setteled in Geel my lovely girlfriend.

I graduated in 2001 as Industrial Engineer Hardware design at the De Nayer Instute. I have worked for almost 5 years at Barco, designing electronics related to LCD displays and embedded computing. I mainly worked with the `great` Intel Extreme Graphics Engine there :) While I loved my job dearly, the jobs of me and my girlfriend were not possible to combine. I currently work as a consultant for Altran and I am detached to Thomson Multamedia, supporting the production of ADSL modems.

I learned about MXM late 2005 and at first it struck me how little information there is available regarding this formfactor. The fact that there was hardly any information available on the net woke the pitbull terrier in me. While searching the net, I stumbled on LV2GO. LV2GO had, at the time, probably the most information available. After some sharing of informationm I was asked whether I would be interested in having a small section of the forums all to myself for all things MXM. As a forum was on my (still) very long `to do` list, I didn`t hesitate. To me the added value of having some very knowledgeable people already around was an added value I couldn`t simply allow to go by. I haven`t regretted it ever since and the MXM section has grown into a popular part of the forums.

One of the things I learned while researching MXM cards was that it was impossible to source them. Enter the pitbull terrier again. Starting out with some 6600 cards, I now have access to both 7600 and 7900 cards. MXM Upgrade is now leaving the `proof of concept` phase while I set it up as a company. Goals: support MXM pioneers, facilitate MXM Upgrades through research and guides and provide cards at the lowest price possible to as many people as possible.

I`m much less knowledgeable as all others regarding drivers and such, but I`m probably the best person around the net for MXM related questions!

Kris `ice-tea` Verbeeck

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OK, lazy me (Pekka Sippola is the real name) but got kicked enough to write something about. I'm an old fart, began to tinker with computers as I bought an Amiga 500 to my son '91. When he wanted a PC '96 I got the Amiga and slowly began to upgrade it, even when the community began to shrink and die after Amiga bankrupty in '94 - and a series of sales of thereafter. I got the idea to check into what an A500 can be upgraded. So finally it sat in a tower equipped with CD-Rom, 2 GFX cards, 68060 processor board (about equals Pentium 60, 100x faster than original) with 128 MB Ram etc. Then bought an A4000 and towerized it too and upgraded to 233 Hz PowerPC, PCI slots, 3 GFX cards etc. But as I wanted to buy a digital camera and get DSL instead of modem in 2004, I had to buy a lappie, preferably to save desktop space, which still has the huge A4000 tower. And photo printing, too, benefits to be made via PC. So, bought Acer 1714 lappie, digicam and printer. I don't play too much games, but some racing games stay on my HD and perhaps some shooters, too. When trying to learn something about GFX drivers (Acer default were very dated) I googled some places and found this as the best one.

I found the benchmarks useful when doing upgrade decisions - for starters my Acer was after a couple of months shadowed with go6800 lappies and was quite slow and ran hot. I managed to probably burn it in a year and bought Amilo 4438 with go6800 to see after a couple of months lappies with Go7800 and go7900 on the shelves...So, my Amilo served two years and then the display went south; time for my present HP/Compaq 8710w - sturdiest lappie so far I've had. Amilo is still a backup machine and has once saved me as my Vista went bust when defragging and took some hours until I got it up again (missing bootmgr error + corrupted filesystem).

I don't do anything creative with my lappie, a couple of surf hours every day is enough to fill my needs in time waisting. My part to help the laptop users is to show how the drivers evolve and behave in speed comparisons and probably to find some bugs, which somebody might then fix. It's interesting how there might be a quiet period and then a rush of newer drivers - and probably new problems. Personally I don't like Vista too much (and have stripped the visuals away), the old NVidia Control Panel was better and beer was better in good old days - well, at least it's better when abroad, especially in Czech but Germany and Netherlands are OK, too (never been in Belgium), and many more; zero points to Sweden...(dear neighbours) :)

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My name is Michael Marley (duh!). I live in North Carolina, USA. I am an über-nerd. I first got my start on computers in 1994 (I think!) with a Windows 3.1 loaner machine that my dad brought home from work. All I did on it was play the DOS version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, however. I got my first computer when I was 10. It was an old Pentium 1 60mHz, and it had some Cirrus Logic graphics card. That broke down pretty quickly though, and soon after I got a prehistoric Toshiba laptop with a 90mHz P1. That didn't last long either, though. At some point after that, I built my own desktop system from a bunch of parts I found laying around home and school, and a few I bought. It was a 1gHz PIII, which quite amazingly had a GF6600GT in it! However, that broke down too, so now I have my current system. (Just look in the sidebar.)

My first contact with LV2G was a few years ago when I was re-formatting a laptop for my church, and I was unable to install the Video driver. After a Google search, I ended up here and downloaded the drivers. It wasn't until quite recently (when I got my laptop) that I created a user account. Not too long after that, I volunteered to keep the Dell BIOS section of the BIOS forum up to date. Because of this, I was made a Super-Member and the Moderator of the BIOS forum by Rene (®®®). Very recently, I have begun my SigmaTel/IDT Modded INF project for audio drivers, allowing the latest drivers to run on older hardware, even though the OEMs have not released them.

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And so it begins...


I had tried many times to increase performance and tweak a few settings in the registry, and INF files of my current nvidia driver.

Simply put... I was not overly successful. Soooo, I came across this site at the beginning of this year, and found that Pieter and a few others had done this very well.

After countless benchmarking and testing, I created an account and began giving feedback on my benchmarks to others. I usually sift around, answering various questions that people have.

I am also doing reviews on new laptops. I'm totally honest, and probably a little too critical about components that do not perform... or under perform as it were. I think this is needed as we hand over quite a bit of cash for a new system. Hope this is proving usefull.


I began my computer experience many years ago when my father purchased a state of the art, Brand spanking new!

66 MHz cyrix processor, 30Mb HD, CD-rom, and a 28.8 modem. All for the price of $4900 NZD /$3000-ish USD

Now, after a few months I had wrecked it. kicked the case cracking the motherboard! (Now it turns out that I would do this many times, and would end up having to fix them out of my pocket, leading me to learn, and do it myself) so a techie came out and replaced the motherboard. I watched, and though cool... 20 years passed, now 29.

Now, I work as an IT facilitator for a college, but my degree is in Physical Education

- Human biology, anatomy and physiology, biomechanics.

It seems that there just are not enough knowledgeable people actually teaching IT

As far as computing goes, I teach two courses 202 and 302 computing. The content ranges from programming & website design to simple PowerPoint and keynote presentations. (This entails an awefull lot !!)

Thats a quick 'blah' on me and what i do...

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Okay, here's a bit about me:

If you haven't guessed my name is Andrew. I came upon this site quite a while before I registered, with the intent of making a game run as I eventually came to the realisation that upgrading my graphics drivers were necessary. I forgot about the site for a while until I came back again earlier this year just to see the newer upgrades. By that time, I had been studying the details of the inf's so by then I had a pretty good idea of how they worked. So I felt the need to register and to help some people with problems that I had learned about.

My experience with computers span my life. My first computer was given to me at the age of three and it featured 'spectacular' ati rage 8mb graphics and a Pentium 2 processor (can't remember the speed) and a passion for computers emerged since then.

During the time I have been here, I experimented and learned quite a bit about computers in general and have released tailored modded inf's for the Acer Aspire 5520-5912. I also generally hang around here helping people with any problems that they may have.

That's pretty much all that I can think of so bye for now! :)

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