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GeForce4 440 go 64MB + Farcry?

Guest lookingtobuy

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Guest lookingtobuy

Hi, I'm thinking about getting a notebook (Compaq r3000z) with a GeForce4 440 go 64MB card. Anybody have success running this game? I realize that the card ain't great for gaming, but I'm willing to run at the lowest resolution/quality as long as it does run!

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It will run, you will probably have graphics issues no matter what you do but to get it to run correctly with Direct 3D you will need driver version 53.03 or later, otherwise you will have to use the OpenGL renderer, I have beat the intire demo on my laptop and I have gotten it to run nice with many different drivers.

What I mean by graphics glitches are, no matter what settings or drivers I have there is an occasional black box around enimies and with the OpenGL renderer the water is gone.

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It depends on what games you play and if you use TV out or not, right now I am using the 42.58s. For Farcry use either a 53.03 or newer driver or look into the farcry forums on how to run Farcry with the OpenGL renderer.

As for Licid, tell me what games you run and if you use TV out and if having the latest drivers is a big priority for you (they have more features), also, is speed a concern for you? Some drivers have bugs too, you should stay away from the earlier 60s. I think the 61.7x and newer are ok to try, otherwise stick with the 50s and 40s drivers.

Just tell me what games/programs you run on your laptop and I can make a recomendation.

I run UT99, UT2004, I have run Farcry the demo and got it working good, I have Halo, I also do a lot of video capturing and editing as well as watching DVDs and I use the TV out for movies and games and dual view mode. I also have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and I got 2 monitors working with it. I have even made levels for UT2004 with the editor which is graphics intensive.

I guess I run almost everythnig except CAD on my laptop, I have also run emulators as well.

I can't reply much for a few days because I'm on vacation and the first time I tried to post I got disconnected and my PC locked up for some strange reason. (well IE locked up actually)

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