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Go5650 and Far Cry

Guest Rhi

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Sorry I know this is similar to the other thread but wasn't sure if I should post there as this problem is different.

I am using 56.72 drivers with 20.25 inf. I have tried 54.01 windows update too and the same problem occurs.

Speed is fine but I keep getting certain objects appearing in either solid red or green. For example a table will be red or a tree trunk in the distance will be solid green, but from another angle solid red. It appears at random and can be in the distance or close up. It happens at all resolutions, all settings, with aa on and off. I have enabled OpenGL on the game and it happens there too. I'm at a loss as to what it may be, but my knowledge is limited, so if you have any ideas I will be all ears.


Rhi :o)

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Have you tried using 56.64? I have the exact same hardware config as you except for HDD(40Gb), processor(1.4Gz) and screen(WSXGA+) and Far Cry works perfectly for me with 56.64. Haven't tried 56.72 yet but I will soon.

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I've been seeing something similar in all the 56.xx drivers. This is on a FX Go5200 and on a different game, "Morrowind", but is almost exactly as you describe it. I can usually work around it by closing and restarting the game or by changing resolutions within the game, then changing them back to normal, forcing the engine to rebuild the scene from scratch.

I don't have a solution, but if I find one I'll post it here.

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