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Snooker 2004 really slow with 420 Go 32 Mb

Guest Markus

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Hi everyone!

I'm really wondering whats happening with the game Worldchampionship Snooker 2004 on my Laptop! It's a Toshiba Satellite 2430-201. (Btw. If anyone here doesn't know snooker, it's billard)

Anyway....i start the game and i start a match then the reporter welcomes the players and when the ordians are shown everything starts getting slow and then the game gets unplayable! My System settings are good enough for the game but even when i go in 640x480@16bbp mode the game runs not fluently! Now I'm asking which driver is the best for me and which inf should I use? Because there is another Problem: I'm using an extern monitor and when i start my computer i have to switch on that monitor manually(I would like to know why!!! :) ). And when i get back from a fullscreen mode(a game or visualisation of Winamp) the color setting is set back to default, and that looks catastrophical at my 19" TFT!

I hope u could understand me......my english is not the best!

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What driver are you running?

Some drivers just forget those kind of things, you can set hotkeys to turn on or switch monitors in the nview desktop manager, so if you want to go from monitor A to monitor B or turn on clone mode you can just press the hotkey of your choice, I use control plus Y for clone mode toggling but you will have to set it in the desktop manager.

Try some 67 drivers from here with a mod inf, like the 67.50 and come back and tell me if you still have issues.

What are the system specs for the game?

If you want to know how to use the nview desktop manager, just ask.


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it would be nice if you could give a short explenation of the desktop manager! :)

the settings are minimum pentium III 800MHz, 16mb 3d Card 128 MBRam

this is what i got surely....and even it doesn't work in the lowest resolution!

@the moment i got the 66.74 driver with 30.37 inf......i made a test with Aquamark 3.....5750 Points........in another test with 3d mark 2001 SE i got about 5400 points......

and at last i checked the frame rate in the game......@ the moment when the people arrive the fpm rate of 25 frames per second decreases to 8 fpm! this is quiet slow......but @ my friends laptop it is running fluently......he also got an nvidia mobile card.....i think it is a FX Go 5200 or sth. like this.....

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