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thank you

Guest marco

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thank you all !!!

using your modded inf (66.81 beta) ,i finally manage to run doom 3 in ULTRA quality at 1024 x 768, on my acer aspire 1703 (2.6 Ghz, 512 Mb Ram and ge force fx 5600 go). It's very incredible !!!

with the default driver the game was very choppy also at 640x480 low detail...

now i get about 35/40+ fps and ithe game is very smooth but i have to enable vsync because if it's disabled i can only see a black screen.

P.S. : the 66.81 doesn't work with fifa 2005 so i have to unistall them and install 61.77 every time that i want to play fifa and then come back to 66.81 for play with doom:(

P.P.S.: sorry for my english :) :P :)

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You are most welcome and your english is just fine.

have you tried 67.02/3 with FIFA, this is now my driver of choice (it's been a long time since had one of those)

These are very solid drivers, might also have the FIFA bug fixed.


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ok i'll try those drivers..

if someone is interested in boost the doom 3 fps without loosing quality and cannot find any driver that increase his perfomance he can simply enable the option shown in the attached image.

if u enable those 3 options the graphic card will not render the black pixel and in doom 3 that has a lot of dark zone this mean a very big increase in fps.

bye all,marco.


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I had my first go at Doom 3 the other day. (doesn't run too smotthly on my machine)

Yest it's very dark, too dark for my liking I couldn't see a thing.

I can see why that tweak could speed things up. :)

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