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CPU -speed


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Finaly got full speed CPU , Bus speed & memory speed :)

Yesterday was not full.

How that happend ? :)

I don't have anything else running :P :(

Any ideas ?


For >>> ®®® <<< ,,,,,,, see ???? :(




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I don't know if I should apploud (spelling?) and congradulate him or hate him because his laptop is so much faster than mine, even when it is not overclocked.

Also, did you use the nvidia driver control panel to overclock your GF card?

If you didn't, I would not understand why, because it is built into the drivers and is simple to use...

Nice overclocks though. :)


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If you was lucky , the Acer Aspire 1714 was on web from $1600 to $2200 ( like few weeks ago, but now is sold out , ( you can get 1712 for like $1700 these days ) ) & got faster CPU ( P4 3,2 GHz H/P) & you can still put up to 400GB 7200 rpm 3,5" HDD ( ATA / IDE ) in there too :)

Too bad that SATA 10.000 RPM WD Raptor won't fit :( ( no room for SATA /IDE convertor ) , but i try it . :P

I do use most default performace 3D O'C ( 350/580 ) because my video card cost $300 & i don't have that kinda money for new .

& if i do gaming , its for looooooooong h. & if handle 18 h strait , so seems to be safe to me.

But is good to know what is posible.

I do O'C by using the nvidia control panel , but to start O'C i must run the RivaTuner20RC152 , but seems is not full compatibile with these new drivers :P

But after you run it for first time , it work on Nvidia control panel , so ?

& like you said , is real fun to use :( :thumbsup:

Just set som freq. , tested , if accepted, try used :thumbsup:

Or detect optimal freq. own self :)

Thanx Bill , that O'C 420/720 was the top one what i ever squize from my GPU :) & was running under normal work load + - 44C on GPU & under load go up to 70 to 80C , still not that bad, right ?

Usualy + - 410/710 was the max , that's the new drivers difference :P


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