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The ULTIMATE Tweak Thread!


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Edit: To all who are reading this, I will hopefully get a major update to this soon whenever I have time.

Tired of opening your registry editor to enable the overclocking page?

Well look no further! This page has all the tweaks you could ever want!

All you have to do is click these tweaks and it changes the settings for you, you do not have to install a program or anything to use these, atleast if you use Windows XP.

First I will start with the overclocking/coolbits tweaks, as they are the most popular.

enable_overclock_page.reg This tweak enables the overclocking page and the advanced Direc3D settings page.*

disable_overclock_page.reg This tweak disables the overclocking page and the advanced Direct3D settings page.

disable_OC_but_enable_add_D3D_settings.reg This disables the overclocking page and enables the Direct3D settings page.

enable_OC_but_disable_add_D3D_settings.reg This enables the overclocking page but disables the Direct3D settings page.

COOLBITS_REMOVAL.reg This tweak removes coolbits completely, you would never know it was ever used on your system. (It deletes the coolbits entry entirely.)

Next I will list the OpenGL tweaks.

OpenGL_page_disable.reg This disables the OpenGL page but enables the application profile page.*

OpenGL_page_enable.reg This enables the OpenGL page but disables the application profile page.

I am sorry, but there is no way right now to have both of these pages enabled at once, so you have to pick one or the other.

Edit: This tweak is useless in newer drivers as Nvidia has removed the page.

Next I will list various miscellaneous tweaks.

enable_pages.reg This tweak enables various pages that do not need special tweaks to enable.*

Disable_Mode_Change_Warning.reg This tweak turns off that anoying pop up window that says that you are running a resolution that is not supported (default in Pieter's INFs)

enable_refresh_rate_override.reg This one enables the refresh rate override page, (and some others) this is included in the event that for some reason you do not have it in a certain driver, Pieter's INFs have this enabled of course.


I hope this page is helpfull to people, so far it looks like a good start.

Comments and/or tweak suggestions are welcome.

This page will continuously be updated, so if you do not see a specific tweak now, it will be added later, you can suggest tweaks to me if you want.


Edited by Bill
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Guest hannibal

None of the links work for me :-(

I see they link a DynDNS Box. Any chance of hosting them on a 24x7 server ?

I have 10mb of usused sapce on a 24x7 box at an ISP if that helps

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My server (my laptop) was down because after I installed some new firmware on my wifi card, I actually started using it, and people could access my server from it to, atleast when it is set up right, for now i am back on my wired connection and my laptop is probably not going to go anywhere for a while, sorry for the inconvenience, I might get a permanent server up sometime, but for now its my laptop which is up 98+ % of the time, unless my internet connection or power goes out.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for tweaks?

It is time I updated this thread....

How do you guys like the additions to the thread?

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Nice work, Bill!

Possible to add reg files for "install" & "uninstall" GPU temperature reading?


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Bill FAQ or Utilities sticky?

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To ofelas, I will add those as soon as I have time, I do not have the temp page on my card, even though I can read its temp, so you can be my test guinne pig.

To ®®®, I an not even sure right now where this should get moved, I originally thought utilities, but am not sure now, you can decide since you are moving it, I don't care too much which one it goes in.

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