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ClearType Tuner

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ClearType Tuner

This PowerToy lets you use ClearType technology to make it easier to read text on your screen, and installs in the Control Panel for easy access.


Download ClearType Tuner (2,5mb)


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Here's a link i found in my Bookmarks. It's kind of an online version of the ClearType Tuner.


And HERE you more MS information about ClearType technology.

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One problem with the online version is that it doesn't work with DPI settings other than 96. Most laptop owners are running with DPI settings of 120 or higher. The downloadable version in the first post was the first version that ever worked for me.

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ClearTweak v2.7

Quote from the developer's site [ioIsland.com]

What is ClearTweak??

ClearTweak? allows you to change the contrast setting of the ClearType® setting for Windows XP®.

ClearType is designed to enhance LCD displays. It may appear slightly blurry on standard desktop monitors. It does not hurt to try ClearTweak? on a CRT monitor. Even though ClearType? is designed for LCD's, some people see an improvement on CRT's.


ClearTweak? Requires Windows XP® or later versions of Windows that support the Microsoft ClearType® Technology.

To use ClearType®, you must have a video adapter and monitor that support a color setting of at least 256 colors. Best results are achieved with High color (24-bit) or Highest color (32-bit) support.

You can download the ViseInstaller from their website for installation and uninstallation reasons, but it also runs as standalone.exe in any folder you like. Decide what you like.

This fine tool also doesn't create any registry entries as it writes the settings into a Cleartweak.ini file located in the same folder as ClearTweak.exe

Btw this tool is old, i had version 2.6, but it got updated in 2004 to v2.7 (bugfixes).

I attached the standalone version for you :) (568KB)


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