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Sony FS-115M Geforce 6200go Benchmark


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Hi Comunity, and congratulations for this great site!!

Yesterday i got my new Laptop with folowing specs:

Sony FS-115M

Pentium-M 730 1.60GHz ? 512MB ? 80GB ? DVD+/-RW DL ? NVidia Geforce Go 6200 128MB

Here is the Futuremark03 Link:


With 71.89 i got 2571. I also tried 76.44 wich gave me 2593p and issus with War3 so i`ll stick to 71.89

I can do some mor testing if there is interest.



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Thanks! Indeed there's need for a complete Benchmark set for one of the Go 6xxx cards. Have a look at the ones for

FX Go 5200 here: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=6746

FX Go 5700 here: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=6749

Quadro: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=6865

We would really appreciate if there is somebody who would feed us with info how the drivers bench on the new cards :)

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This looks like a lot of work to me!

But i guess I´ll be abled to test a few new drivers from time to time, I`ll post the results here. For now there is the Results for 71.89



Compare Links:






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If you open up a new thread and post your results in there, i will sticky it and also include a link to it in the driver topics (same like Larry's and Sky-Dexters)

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Guest lawdan_hk

Dear AJH,

I had buy a Sony VGN-S46, also had the Geforce Go 6200 TC Share 128M Ram. Just want to enquiry about your setting. Such as Graphic Driver version, any memory setting you had adjust. Since I can't run the 3dMark03 and 3dMark05. It will cash my machine when running sometime.

Thanks for you help.



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lawdan_hk, could you run the NERD tool. I'm interested in your DEV_ID, the built-in name of your GPU LCD etc.

If AHJ would run it again (NERD includes now a bit more info even on XP Home) i could verify the names. :)

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Guest lawdan_hk

The GPU is as follows:


GPU details...


AcceleratorCapabilities :

Compatibility : NVIDIA

AdapterDACType : Integrated RAMDAC

AdapterRAM : 134217728

CapabilityDescriptions :

Caption : NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200

ColorTableEntries :

ConfigManagerErrorCode : 0

ConfigManagerUserConfig : FALSE

CurrentBitsPerPixel : 32

CurrentHorizontalResolution : 1280

CurrentNumberOfColors : 4294967296

CurrentNumberOfColumns : 0

CurrentNumberOfRows : 0

CurrentRefreshRate : 60

CurrentScanMode : 4

CurrentVerticalResolution : 800

Description : NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200

DeviceID : VideoController1

DeviceSpecificPens : -1

DitherType :

DriverDate : 20050615212000.000000-000

DriverVersion :

ErrorCleared :

ErrorDescription :

ICMIntent :

ICMMethod :

InfFilename : oem26.inf

InfSection : nv4_mobile

InstallDate :

InstalledDisplayDrivers : nv4_disp.dll

LastErrorCode :

MaxMemorySupported :

MaxNumberControlled :

MaxRefreshRate : 60

MinRefreshRate : 59

Monochrome : FALSE

Name : NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200

NumberOfColorPlanes : 1

NumberOfVideoPages :

PNPDeviceID : "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0167&SUBSYS_81C9104D&REV_A1\4&266C3FA7&0&0008"

PowerManagementCapabilities :

PowerManagementSupported :

ProtocolSupported :


SpecificationVersion :

Status : OK

StatusInfo :

SystemPaletteEntries :

TimeOfLastReset :

VideoArchitecture : 5

VideoMemoryType : 2

VideoMode :

VideoModeDescription : 1280 x 800 x 4294967296 colors

VideoProcessor : GeForce Go 6200

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Hi everyone!

Right now I`m using the Beta forceware Driver Version 80.40. So far i have experianced no Problems. At the driver panel i`ve left everything to application controlled except "image settings" which is set to "quality". I realy don`t think its a problem with the driver since i`ve had quite a bunch of drivers on my laptop but never a crash with 3dMark. I`d say: Try some of the latest "offical" Driver (71.83,77.72); Check Vaio Update. If you try like 2-3 different drivers and it still crashes, its definatly not the driver...

I hope you find a solution!

I`ve also atatched the N.E.R.D. logfile.

edit: i removed the Logfile and attached it in the VideoBIOS thread. thanks

:) Greetz :)

Edited by ®®®
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lawdan_hk, the Logfile includes more 'valuable' information, so i would appreciate it if you can attach it completely :)

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