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cPax v1.6 | Synaptics cPad Enhancement tool

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cPax - Synaptics cPad Enhancer

Kadir AKSU

Version 1.6

cPax is a replacement for the original "cPad applications" provided by Toshiba.

You need a Synaptics cPad to use this application. Synaptics Drivers 7.12.7 is recommended. cPax will probably not work with Synaptics Drivers 7.5.11 and below.

Run cPax Installer and follow on-screen instructions to install the program to your startup folder and Toshiba Console (if you have it installed). After installation you no longer need any setup files. You can also use cPax without installing. Beware that there is no uninstaller.

It is highly recommended to let installer modify your drivers and install Hybrid Synaptics Drivers. This modification fixes some compatibility and virtual scrolling problems. You need this modification to use all features of cPax.

I take no responsibility of any damage that this application may give, but it shouldn't give any. cPax is freeware and does not include any adware/spyware.

It's NOT recommended to keep the cPad backlight always on as it has a life (about 1000-3000 hours).


- Displays constant and animated wallpaper.

- A digital clock that can be modified in terms of size and position.

- Date info that can be modified in terms of size, position and style.

- Ability to turn backlight on/off.

- Ability to set an alarm.

- Battery info and low battery alarm.

- Application Launcher to open applications of your wish.

- Winamp and iTunes control.

- Displays song title.

- Easy access by using Toshiba Controls.

- Compatibility with original cPad applications.


Recommended installation sequence of cPax is;

1. Uninstall any installed Synaptics drivers by using Add/Remove Programs control panel (if you already have Synaptics Drivers 7.12.7 installed please skip to step 5).

2. Restart your computer.

3. Install Synaptics Drivers 7.12.7 found in this topic.

4. Restart your computer.

5. Install Original cPad applications found in this topic if you want to use original applications as well (Calculator, Signature Capture, Sticky Note, Calendar and Keypad). If you already have those installed please proceed to next step.

6. Install cPax and allow it to modify installed drivers when asked.

7. Restart your computer.

If you declined Hybrid Driver installation when asked, you can run setup again and let it use Hybrid Drivers. Hybrid Drivers are very useful as explained above and you need them to take full advantage of cPax.

Click here to download cPax v1.6

Click here to download Synaptics Driver v7.12.7 MultiLanguage (7.6 or higher is recommended for cPax).

Click here to download Original cPad Applications version


Version 1.6 (from version 1.5)

- Fixed a file access bug.

- Fixed some compatibility issues with original cPad applications.

- Fixed a screen update problem.

- Fixed a compatibility bug that prevents mouse from moving in settings of original cPad applications.

- Added option to make text backgrounds transparent.

- Added iTunes support.

- Installer now adds tweak to fix scrolling line bug.

- Installer adds various registry settings for some other minor settings.

Version 1.5 (from version 1.0)

- Increased maximum animation speed (10-0.2 fps).

- Revised main code to get rid of flickering problem. Screen now refreshes when needed.

- Added internal compatibility mode for old cPad applications - Calculator, Signature Capture, Sticky Note, Calendar and Keypad. Core will also keep backlight on while using these applications.

- Completely rewritten GUI and a new logo thanks to Sch0rsch.

- Added date info.

- Settings application now loads faster.

- Settings application now uses less CPU.

- You can now switch between Original cPad application and cPax when it is installed and used with Hybrid Synaptics Drivers.


- Compatibility mode in core will also keep backlight on while using Calculator, Signature Capture, Sticky Note, Calender and Keypad.

- For animation, files should be named as XXX1.bmp, XXX2.bmp, XXX3.bmp, XXX4.bmp ... Also all files must be in \animation\XXX folder.

- You can use small .wav files for alarm tone, just replace supplied Ring.wav file. Tap cPad to stop alarm.

- Battery alarm will sound when battery level is less than %10.

- You can download cPaXtra here. It is a wallpaper/animation pack for cPax. Just unzip and copy all files to cPax folder in ...\program files\toshiba\cPax.


Uninstallation is easy done manually

1. Kill the running cPax process.

2. Delete the cPax folder in c:\%PROGRAMFILES%\Toshiba.

3. Delete the cPax entry in the StartMenu StartUp folder.

Please note that you cannot uninstall Hybrid Synaptics Drivers. If you want to revert to your original drivers or something else, uninstall the driver from Add/Remove Programs control panel, restart your computer and install which driver you want.

-Screenshots- (from version 1.5)





Thanks to RRR for his support/installer.

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions/gave feedback!

Please give feedback to help development of cPax. Thanks.









(v1.0 FINAL: 146 DLs)


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  • 3 weeks later...


Clock: 100006:176 (vertikal)

Battery counter: 100022:184 (vertikal):100023:21 (horizontal)

(not possible with cPax GUI only manually editable)

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What is that ®®®?

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These are my settings for the Clock and Battery counter (both on top right corner) :P The GUI doesn't allow me to get through to these values, so i did it manually. GUI ends about 6 to 10 pixels to left from the right display side for the clock, so on order to have it correctly aligned to the right, i use these values :) :)

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Added beta 2.

Sorry ®®® I haven't fixed your problem yet. Was that the same with v1.0?

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Hi, yes it's this error i mentioned in beta 5 or something. Some weeks (or months?) ago. Nothing spectacular.

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Added cPax v1.5 final. RRR can you please change the topic title to cPax v1.5 | Synaptics cPad Enhancement tool and subtitle to something you wish. Thanks, and enjoy (I modified alignment stuff a bit :) )!

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Guest Nethog

Thanks for a great app man! Really, I love the cpax. There is just one little thing that would make it better. Could you double the number of applications that the application launcher can deal with? Splitting the rather large buttons in half (lengthwise) would probably be the easiest way.

I love the way you hardly ever have to open up the start menu and find your favourite apps...



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Great idea.

I agree when MediaPlayer buttons are enabled only 6 apps can be launched :)

Sn0wl, i have cPax 1.5 installed and it just works great (as i imagined). I haveb't noticed any glitches so far. One thing there is that should be eventually added to the description in the first post is that any non-english Operating System needs manual paths editing of apps.cps (instead of C:\Program Files\.... etc. in german for example it's C:\Programme\...). The system wide and language independant variable for that is %PROGRAMFILES% (in 2K and XP etc).

(OT: Still waiting for the WLAN cards....... :) )

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Thank you, I will think about application launcher but what I have in mind instead of making more buttons is to have multiple pages which toggle each time you press middle button. Still not sure what to do.

RRR, I'm glad you had no problems with 1.5. Also did you notice the alignment enhacements? Both GUI and Core are tweaked; like battery percentage info is aligned to right now. I hope to hear no more problems about this from you anymore :]

You are still waiting for the cards and I'm still waiting for the laptop itself :) :angryfire:

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Middle Button is an even greater idea. Or left cPad button for previous page and right button for next page :)

Alignment :)

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Guest emmanuel dktl

i most say you are doing a nice job :(

but the programs dont work wright like sticky note calculater enz :(

becous it thinks the cpad is in use by somthing else, witch is true

i olso never use the mediabuttons becouse i use the toshiba buttons

in place of that it would be more usefull to make a scrolbar to ffw in a song

inplace of your buttens you could do the original icons for space saving :P

you most check out mediamonkey at www.mediamonkey.com (freeware) :)

in my opinion better then winamp and it suports winamp plugins

to bad the songs dont apear in my cpad

my inglish sucs :)



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cPad applications work only if you use Hybrid Drivers over Synaptics Drivers except 8 series.

RRR informed before that media control buttons work with MediaMonkey :)

For songtitle I need SDK or any info on how to retrieve it off MediaMonkey and don't know if either of them available.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello, I tried to register yet all the info I couldnt come up with. Tried "Nerd" yet still it failed. Anyway I love the idea of Cpax, I downloaded Cpax and ran the install. Now I get nothing loading. I can go into the cpax folder and manually exe an app like calculator and it runs. Cpax is in the start menu and I said Yes to all the install options. I tried executing Cpax directly in the folder with no results. Cpaxset seems to run ok, when I change something and and click save nothing happens. Right now all I have is the Toshiba touchpad logo on the touchpad, Cpad or Cpax will not load. Have dony many reboots, ran the installer again. Any help?

Toshiba 5205 s703

win xp pro sp1 ver5.1.26

Have done clean install from xp home to xp pro.

All windows updates have been done except for sp2.

All on the cpad was working normally.

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Hi skibum,

First uninstall anything related to cPad from Add/Remove Program (Especially Synaptics Drivers). After that restart your computer, download and install Synaptics Drivers 7.12.7 from the link above and restart again. Finally install cPax with Hybrid Driver option agreed. This should hopefully work.


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That was my mistake, after removing old drivers and installing the new ones everything is working great! Thank you so much for ceating this App, I've been looking for something like this for a while. I'm also wondering why not more manufactures arnt using the cpad, even Toshiba isnt anymore. Do you Know of any laptops currently that use the cpad?

Again Thank you! :)

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I spoke to soon, I found that after the new driver the Apps would not work. Lile Calculator and such. I read back in this thread and saw about the hybrid driver so I just ran the installer again and wham! Now everything is working!

Thanks again!

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Ok Ive been playing with Cpax for a while now, the only thing I really miss is the Fwd-Back in the corners while looking at web pages. Ive been using those for so long I find myself still tapping the corner to go back. But no glitches as of yet.

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You are welcome. Feel free to post any comments and suggestions.

You can still use shortcuts as usual. Just go to mouse control panel and you will see those settings. Only difference is there will no be icons displayed on corners of the cPad.


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I had no problems with cPax after standby - although i haven't paid attention if virtual scrolling works...

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Just tried and both cPax and virtual scrolling work. It must be something with your configuration.

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Guest skibum

Not sure which setting could effect this. I've looked at the toshiba "Power settings" and dont see anything that involves this app. ??

Really not that big a deal, just giving feedback.

If thers something you would like me to look at let me know.

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