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For Teraphy: NVDIRT/NERD @ 7800GTX

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The readout works great @ ASUS A8N SLI Premium with 1xASUS 7800GTX and Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo (2 x 1MB L2 Cache)

The only thing which i noticed is this glitch:

- AGP Bus Mode : 8x

- AGP Transfer Rate : 16x

Obviously there is no AGP slot @ the MB, but 16xPCI-E.


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Guest ®®®

For some reason, i couldn't figure out, BootVis is not able to control the BootActivty Processs and log it. Must be the nForce4 SATA controller or BootVis is too old to handle new hardware (maybe also a reason why MS stopped support/development for it).

The magical 10 second barrier is broken. Always thought that it's not possible to reach under 10 seconds.

7,66 seconds BootTime i achieved this night with this Monster.

That's halve from the record i made with my Laptop (13something seconds). Even on other machines i was never able to beat the 10 second barrier.

And all with a standard XP Pro setup, NO RAID, just SATA drive, all drivers installed, fully working, not nLited or else stripped down. OK i slipstreamed SP2 into it and uninstalled a few unncessary apps like Messenger and stuff. Then applied my special tweaks and wohoohoo 7 seconds. :)


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