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collection of VideoBIOS Utilities (nvflash etc.)

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  • 2007-01-28: added NVFLASH v5.40
  • 2006-12-01: added NVFLASH v5.38 & v5.19 (WINDOWS FLASH)
  • 2006-08-18: added a couple of additional versions (also including the latest 5.3x releases), fixed links, updated CWSDPMI to v0.90 R5
  • 2005-01-27: added NVFLASH v5.13
  • 2005-01-02: added NVFLASH v5.12
  • 2004-10-23: added nvflash 5.10 (thanks Pieter)
  • 2004-09-16: added nvuflash, a nVidia Windows-based Video BIOS flash utility
  • 2004-09-13: added nvflash v5.06 (thanks Pieter)
  • 2004-05-07: added nvflash v5.08 & Leadtek nv5flash to archive
  • 2004-05-06: added DELL's SYSID.COM, which determines your GPU DEV_ID and MemStraps
  • 2004-04-30: added v4.15 & v4.27, renamed & repacked to have default names

NVFLASH all versions:

This DOS application is used to flash the Video BIOS of nVIDIA graphic cards. Use it with care, know what you do, we don't take any responsibility for anything that might happen regarding your or your laptops health.

The following versions are included in the downloadable archive:

  • Leadtek NVFlash
    - v3.18, v3.18.02, v3.18.03, v3.19b
    - v4.13, v4.15, v4.27, v4.28, v4.38, v4.41, v4.42, v4.46
    - v5.03, v5.06, v5.08, v5.10, v5.12, v5.13, v5.15, v5.19 (WINFLASH), v5.24, v5.25, v5.31, v5.33, v5.36, v5.38, *NEW* v5.40
    - DOS Extender DOS/4GW v1.97 & CWSDPMI V0.90+ (r5) (latest release)
    - A text file for every release with corresponding NVFLASH commands

NVFLASH all known versions (3.760.273 bytes)

DELL's SYSID.COM, which determines DEVICE_ID and MemStraps:

SYSID.COM (681 bytes)


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®®® i don't suppose you could post a brief know-how article on how to flash a desktop nVidia card, could ya? Would be greatly appreciated...

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You can't flash from NTFS (means DOS can't read NTFS :) ).

For example you have booted from a BootDisk and want to access the BIOS file which you extracted on your NTFS formatted Boot Partition C:\. DOESN'T WORK.

Use a BootDisk and put the BIOS file on it or have a FAT16/32 partition ready.

  • Create a bootable disk and put these additional following files on it:
    - nvflash.exe
    - DOS4GW.EXE
    - the updated BIOS file you want to flash
  • Boot from the floppy and type for
    nvflash v3.xx and v4.xx:
    nvflash -f BIOS.ROM (where BIOS.ROM is a file in format xxx.bin or xxx.rom)
    nvflash v5.xx:
    nvflash BIOS.ROM

I have to admit that i never flashed with v5.xx as back in the days when i edited and flashed my ASUS GF2GTS card BIOS there were only v3.xx and v4.xx available.

If you need a BootDisk with those files included just give me call. Alternatively you need to download the files (see first post), create a BootDisk on your own and place dem mentioned files manually on the BootDisk (drag&drop).

Furthermore you need to FIND a new BIOS version of your card. There were a handfull of sites back in the days who offered them, but today i only know of station-drivers and whitebunny. Technogarb also?

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On THIS SITE (MVKTECH.NET) there is a new kind of nVIDIA BIOS Editor available. It's called OmniExtremeEdit. You can alter the voltage of the GPU (obviously for OverClocking reasons) and change the Clock frequency for 2D(!) and 3D(!) seperately. Currently it does not support mobile cards, but this app looks promising. Also there is a small guide on How To Flash nVIDIA and ATI cards. Though this guide is not much longer than my one, because there is not much more to write about that topic in case you wonder why mine is this short.

Consider the given information usable for Desktop cards only. Mobile GPUs behave differently and MAY GIVE PROBLEMS.

In other words don't try this at home :) .

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This is a tool called BIOSINFO.EXE which needs to be run under pure DOS and is described as "VGA BIOS version check tool", which i extracted from a SONY VideoBIOS release.


It's quite useful because it reads out your nVIDIA Video BIOS specs.

My old ASUS GF2 GTS for example:

Subsystem ID = [4016]

Memory Size = [32MB]

BIOS build date = [08/17/00]

BIOS version = []

BIOS string = [ASUS V7700 deluxe GF2 GTS Chrontel]

The downside is that you have to boot to DOS somehow. This can be quite a pain in the arse, knowing that other BIOS Editors can also read out these values under Windows.


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An easy way for people who want to boot to DOS and be able to access their NTFS partition would be to download the Emergency Boot CD. http://ebcd.pcministry.com

It has all sorts of other usefull tools for diagnosing and fixing problems. But in one of the options there is a bootable version of DOS with NTFS support. :)

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added NVFLASH v5.12 (download link in the first post)

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added NVFLASH v5.13 (download link is in the first post)

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Thanks Mavke, glad you keep us up to date with those.

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Guest Guis
Thanks Mavke, glad you keep us up to date with those.

Excuse me , is there any version of nvflash that supports "SYNCMOS" EEPROM ??

I have a MX400 with SYNCMOS EEPROM

I tried to flash with many versions of nvflash , but it didn't work .

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Have you tried each and every version systematically?

I have just updated our archive and added a few versions (see first post).

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Hope I'm not messing up this thread but would it be possible to list the mobile gpu's that the newer versions of nvflash add support for?

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