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nVidia putting me out of a job ?


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Just saw this @ the fileismissing.com blog page.

What they think will be the new Release 80 notes.

Could it be true, nVidia adding support for go GPU's from the 80's ?

This is what I have been striving for 3 years, my work may come to an end if the below comes true.

Some interesting times ahead.

Read the full story here with a picture of the new Control panel.

I do know that 82.10 exists and some problems with SLI exist, so expect more leaks shortly.

Even a thought that nVidia might release an 80's driver this Friday.

NVIDIA SLI ? more features and capabilities

Ability to use graphics cards from different vendors and use with different memory sizes

Dynamic SLI enabling/disabling

Auto display detection in SLI mode

Primary display switching in SLI

Upcoming games such as F.E.A.R and Quake 4 already have built-in SLI Profile

Mobile GPUs now supported in NVIDIA.com drivers

Mobile users can now get new features and performance with every driver update

OEMs like Alienware, VoodooPC, Falcon Northwest allow NVIDIA.COM drivers to be enabled for their new GeForce Go notebooks

Driver updates maintain all OEM hotkeys and power management settings

New multimedia and PureVideo HD enhancements

HDTV Enhancements such as Preview mode to determine panel capabilities, Fullscreen calibration tool, DVI hot-plugging, Japanese D-connectors, Hotkeys cycle HDTV modes

PureVideo Quality Improvements such as Improved 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown detection and correction, High Definition spatial-temporal de-interlacing support available for GeForce 6600 passive through GeForce 7800 GTX

Brand new NVIDIA Control Panel

Setting up and configuring NVIDIA hardware has never been easier

Easy to use control panel ensures best end user experience with over 2500+ hours of usability testing

Faster downloads and less system resources

Architected for Windows Vista

I will be able to put my feet up and annoy the Mrs seeing I may have all this spare time coming up :)

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Interesting news!

It would explain why the 8xxx set have performance increases as well as the desktop cards.

Its great to see nVidia finally supporting ALL their customers maybe.

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Yes it's been a long time coming.

I started modding waaayyy back with 16.20 for my lappy.

Lets hope it's true, and lets hope if they do do it that all Mobile GPU's are supported not just the go6x00+

Time will tell.

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I have had to read that line a few times. Let's break it down...

OEMs like Alienware, VoodooPC, Falcon Northwest allow NVIDIA.COM drivers to be enabled for their new GeForce Go notebooks

First the few OEMs named are the ones I'd expect to have this. If Dell or Toshiba would have been mentioned then I'd be really :) . Also it states "new" GeForce Go notebooks. Which sounds like we'll still be around.

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This stuff about mobile drivers was mentioned in the go 7800 gtx slide show. Wonder how far back the support will go, hopefully to the 6800 lineup since they are very similar.

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That looks indeed verry interesting!

Can't wait to test them! :)

I also saw the net 78.05 Beta driver right away on the nvidia driver page, it can be found here:




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