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Defective 6800 Go Ultra?

Guest ShnikeJSB

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Guest ShnikeJSB

So, I have a problem, and I think it may be a defective graphics card. I have been running Dell's 77.24 drivers for quite sometime with no drama. Sure, once in awhile, a game would crash in the middle of playing (ESPECIALLY Need For Speed: Underground 2, and I can't play the FEAR demo without a crash). It basically would just turn the screen white for a split second, then make a quick crackling noise, and restart my computer.

Now, I decided to try 78.05's, and now when I start up my computer, a minimum of 4 out of 5 times, when loading my desktop, the problem I described above during GAMES happens, and if not that soon, usually within 15 minutes! So, I thought it was the driver, so I uninstalled (yes, I use DriverCleaner Pro), and tried 78.03's. Same thing happens. Oh yeah, I also enabled VMR, but I STILL get an error on shutdown/restart.

Is my 6800 Go Ultra defective? I read somewhere (I think notebookforums.com) about this problem being indicative of a defective card. Any help is greatly appreciated! -Josh

(EDIT: found the link to the notebookforums.com board I was talking about: http://www.notebookforums.com/showthread.p...rash+defective)

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