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first of all thx for your awesome modded INFs. i really appreciate them :)

i have a problem when i open a FOLDER containing video files. e.g .avi (divx)

my video folder view settings is set as thumbnail.

so whenever i open my video folder. thumbnail will be generated.

at this instance, Dr.Watson Postmortem debugger will crash n causes my computer to hang.

DEV_ID : 0176


VIDEO BIOS version : v4.

VIDEO BIOS date : 10/15/02 (pls. convert that to a readable format: DD-MMM-YYYY)

Laptop Brand : Gericom

Laptop Model : P14G

NVIDIA GPU : NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go 32M


LCD Resolution : 1024 x 768 pixels (native)

LCD display size : " 3200 x 2400mm (approximately 15.7")"

internal LCD name : NVD0000

SYSTEM BIOS version: AMIINT - 10\0Version 1.00 \0BIOS Version R1.03 \0\0

SYSTEM BIOS date : 10/30/03 (pls. convert that to a readable format: DD-MMM-YYYY)

i'm using forceware 81.40

wif ur modded INF

thx for reading this, ur help will be most appreciated.

best regards,


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It is probably a problem with windows and the codec.

I get this a lot with certain MPEG files. (not divx though)

You could try wiping out divx and re-installing it.

Does it just happen with your current driver?

Solution should be of course be to just never use thumbnail mode.

If it is a codec or microsoft problem don't expect it to get fixed.

(codec might if its divx or open source like xvid)

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thx bill !

i jz followed ur advice n it worked :) . i wiped out my divx bundle installation n things are back to normal now.


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