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Dell 5200, Flicker OR Slow Video


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I installed windows and tried the newest Dell drivers (the ones mentiond here that Dell just released to 'fix flicker when playback of MPEG movies) ... yeah, well, when I play back movies the screen still flickers... this has always been a problem with this GPU/Laptop for me in Windows.

I've also tried (and am currently using) the 78.11 ones with the updated INF file from here. With these, I get no video playback at all at first (I FIXED THIS, please don't reply about this part :) ) So I found a fix and enabled the DVR overlay or whatever... videos playback OK now, unless I fullscreen them. If I fullscreen an XVID movie it visibly lags, like 1 FPS or something, it's miserable and a 5200 should be able to playback a simple movie just fine (and can, and does in Linux).

Any ideas on the movie playback? It doesn't happen with Dells, but with those videos flicker the whole screen.


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Anyone? :)

I get Flicker with Dell Drivers and slow full-screen video with the Laptop2Go drivers. :)

Would be glad to donate if I could get this working.

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Give 81.84 a try. It has several improvements in its video performance and may well solve your problem. It's an excellent driver.

If that doesn't work, try dropping all the way back to 67.66. I have the same video card as you and find 67.66 works where many other drivers fail.

One other thing - Make sure you have FastWrites enabled. It's needed to supply the bandwidth for lag-free video performance.

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