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Dual View TV and Analogue Only

Guest Clint

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I've got a Dell Latitude C840 with a GeForce 440 GO (64Mb) card and using info from this forum I've been able to trial varying versions of Forceware.

Problem I have is getting Dual View to use only the Analogue (AA I believe ??) and TV (TA ??), I'm not interested in using the laptops Digital display (DA ??). (I'm trying to run multi-desktop in my CarPC)

In Clone, I can choose variations of AA & TA, and spanning modes (both) allow me to use AA & TA, however in Dual View I only have two options - DA & AA or DA & TA... no AA & TA.

Searching this forum I've found some related ideas and run run32.dll commands, which haven't allowed me to sucessfully set my Dual View to AA & TA. I haven't found specific keys in the INF yet, although haven't spent too much time (< 10 hrs). I've used a few different INFs during dirrent Forceware installs.

This applies to at least Forceware 77.70, 78.xx, 82.xx and 82.84.

If anyone can shred some light on how I can overcome this, I'd be extremely gratefull.

BTW - As everyone say, this site is undoubtedly the best forum relating to laptop video cards ever! :) :)



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Check out the tweaks in that topic (first post), I would try that with the 67.50 driver, in fact here is an INF that you should try with that driver.

Back before I got this Quadro, I had the same card as you with an almost identical laptop, the C840 and I8200 are the same one, heck I'm using the C840's latest BIOS right here.


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